Mr. T. Rifat,

18 Highleigh,

Grove Hill,


BN2 9NL.


Tel: 01273 690424




Dear Ambassador your Excellency Mr. Yury V. Fedetov,


I wish to apply for political asylum in the Russian Federation at your earliest pleasure; the 1st of June 2009 may be presumptive but I hope you take that date as flexible, depending on whether you find my application acceptable.


As a journalist, author and scientist I find myself in a situation where my life is endangered by the British Government; which since 1996 has been deploying extra-judicial criminality, run by MI5: Britain’s rogue intelligence agency/secret police, that have attempted all manner of harassment, up to and including attempted murder. In the summer of 1997 a CIA agent came to visit me in Brighton. He is well known to your counterintelligence bureau, as he was stationed in Russia, previous to the visit to myself. His mission to uncover state secrets in Psychotronics, Bioenergetics, was discovered and his name and mission exposed in the Russian newspapers of that area.

He told me that the British Secret Police, MI5, were the most violent, murderous, thugs on the planet and used microwave and radiofrequency means to assassinate enemies of the Sate. These being in the main the Catholics of Northern Ireland, upon whom MI5 had perfected their art of covert murder. Thanks to his warnings, presumably at the behest of Langley, I took the most extraordinary means to defend my person.


Failure of the extrajudicial criminality, led the British Police state to harass my person in an official manner using the local police, who have stopped me on numerous occasions. They have also wrongfully arrested and wrongfully imprisoned me (gladly for only the 24hr term allowed) four times.


The first arrest was for doing research on Police microwave weapons for a Channel 4 TV programme. The second when a thug almost beat me to death (12 hours before the Brazilian was shot dead by the Metropolitan Police). After hospital I was arrested, held without medical treatment, then forced to walk 5 miles home covered in blood from the detention prison, in a badly concussed state – my eyesight being damaged in the attack. The thug was protected by the police and never prosecuted. I was prosecuted and the Magistrates told the Police would drop the charges if I voluntarily went into a mental prison. I declined, they dropped the bogus charges. The third time I was run down by a female cyclist who ran through a red light. Ten minutes later a loutish policeman arrested me a mile from the incident for assault, even though no CCTV pictures had been available – a put up job. The fourth and most worrying incident was when armed police stormed my residence in December 2008, ready to shoot me if given a change. This last incident because an MI5 agent had tried to provoke a fight while I was purchasing a CD player, he being a non customer, trouble maker – agent provocateur. Six weeks later I was arrested; obviously desperation on the part of the Police state.


Desperation engendered by my Radio show on US National radio where as a staunch opponent of the US/British governments invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan I had run foul of the Western autocrats. The Americans freely admit non-propagandist, disinformation, journalism –rather telling the truth, in the West makes you an enemy combatant. It seems the British Police state uses extrajudicial death squads of the covert variety to eliminate journalists who tell the truth. As the Americans and British carry out extraordinary rendition of Moslems, having a Moslem father, puts me in the invidious position of being kidnapped and imprisoned and tortured, murdered in one of the numerous Nato/US death camps in Rumania, Poland, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt…. Or US/British coffin ships. This means relocation to another Western country is impossible and I am forced, because the situation for me has worsened to the point that my quality of life has evaporated, to apply for Political Asylum in a non-Western country which can guarantee my safety from extraordinary rendition. Russia is the world leader in human rights and respect for the Citizen which is why all Western dissidents have to flee there.


I know I am one of many and a small cog in the mighty machine of the human race but hope you look favourably on this application for Political Asylum. As MI5 have for some obscure reason place upon me an importance to which I do not subscribe, they may take all measure to stop me even entering your Embassy in London. So I may need an escort to the Embassy to ensure all human rights abuses by the British government are recorded. Since Britain is a signatory of the Human Rights Convention, any of its officers who stop me from taking Political Asylum may be prosecuted for Human Rights Abuses in the Hague. It is well known that MI5 have been complicit in the extraordinary rendition and interrogation of enemies of the state. So the case is proven that MI5 is a rogue agency, that doe not follow any laws with regard to human rights.


I include a copy of my passport picture to verify who I am and will if I do not hear from you in good time, email you this letter and post it on in Moscow, so the Kremlin can inform you that the letter has been intercepted by MI5 – a human rights issue.


I thank you for your patience in reading my letter and await your reply at your earliest pleasure.


Yours faithfully








Turan Rifat.