MI5 Microwave fleet of killer vans:

Here are several dozen vans (some of them or all) MI5 microwave vans broadcasting between 450Mhz AND 700MHZ megawatt RF beams at my flat.

The large white van with the fibreglass some for the microwave weapon has 4-5 bed sized nuclear reactors powered by plutonium, the mini nue plants info given to me by Alasdair Phillips of PowerWatch.org, he is on the government committees and privee to this information. All are parked within 5 to 100 yards of the building and are there every day in the 4pm to 9am spiots. Some never move. Note the vans parked under the kitchen and bedroom viewed from the doorway and above.

This show Tim Rifat is the most important man in Britain to MI5 as nuclear powered vans are very very expensive!





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