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So many products and Service so little money, now Psi-Lord Ltd has your answer


Psi-Lord Ltd appreciate Americans are becoming poorer by the minute. To help the wanabee Psi-Master who is running out of credit we offer a new starter pack to brand new customers:-

7 Psycrystals for: Love, Luck, Health, Anti-Ageing, Psychic Powers, Psychic Protection and Money $335

Soul Rescue to pull your Soul out of Archon hell $600

Psi-Master Service to make your energy body free from attack by Archons $600

RV E-Correspondence Course to teach you Remote Viewing $240

Sublime Good® Money Engine and Bone Generator® Upgrade $240

Total cost $2015 Now offered to any customer for $1000

This Incentive Package gives you all you need to have for a Psi-Master wishing to become more secure, wealthy and knowledgeable.

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If you have the Total BSRI System of 34 PCs and their 34 BPCs you have total access to the Fire Within and can control the Matrix at will. Tim Rifat has charged spring water in a 34 Total BSRI System so anyone can imbibe in the power of total freedom, the ultimate psychotronic fuel without buying all 34 PCs and their BPCs. For those of you with the 34 Total BSRI System simply place the water in the heterotic torsionic solitonic cyclotron to charge the water, the longer it's in the power field the more charged it becomes.

Results of using Ultimate Energised Water are:-

1 Total banishment of all negativity in it's environs
2 Recharging the body so it can rejuvenate
3 Charging both your biophysical and physical bodies to enable you to become healthier
4 Total freedom from negative entities
5 Opening the pathway to total freedom both financially, spiritually and metnally
6 Filling yourself with life force to become more potent in all things, wielding your charisma and sexual magnetism


Angel Power Waters:  The 12 Angels of Mercy, Providence and Light unlock the 12 missing elements of life that open you up to miracles, blessings and profound good fortune.


1) The Ultimate Energised Water of the Angel of Charity, kindness and compassion. This water blesses you and your household with the powers of charity, kindness and compassion to smooth your way in times of evil and to bring out selflessness in all who meet you. $40 + $15 P&P

2) The Ultimate Energised Water of the Angel of Coinage to make you strong so that you stick to the path that brings you fortune and have the bravery to make the hard decisions you need to take to succeed. $40 + $15 P&P

3) The Ultimate Energised Water of the Angel Life to charge your morphogenic field with the missing 12th element of vitality to guarantee you long life and longevity and the ability to heal from all things. $40 + $15 P&P

4) The Ultimate Energised Water of the Angel of Life's Journey, enabling you to swiftly go where you want to achieve your dream no matter what the cost, vital for business people, career people and actors/actresses who need the lucky break in their life. $40 + $15 P&P

5) The Ultimate Energised Water of the Angel of the Earth to enable you to shape the world to fit your dream, not the other way around, changes the world to allow you a niche into which you can prosper and grow into your dream. $40 + $15 P&P

6) The Ultimate Energised Water of the Angel of Wisdom enables you to see through illusion to find what is really there and to take the right decisions and actions to assure your spiritual, mental and physical growth as well as success in all endeavours. $40 + $15 P&P

7) The Ultimate Energised Water of the Angel of Joy brings happiness into your life be it in relationships, business endeavours, writing, acting or any other human pursuit. It also helps you find Joy in any situation so you always come out with the last laugh. $40 + $15 P&P

8) The Ultimate Energised Water of the Angel of Inner Silence gives you peace of mind, body, soul and spirit so you can cure all mental problems... psychic upset and replace it with peace of mind so you can tune into your inner voice of intuition to know what to do in any circumstance no matter what happens around you to achieve your dream. $40 + $15 P&P

9) The Ultimate Energised Water of Grace to beautify your mind, body, soul and spirit to make you stand out from the crowd as a centre of spiritual light, a unique soul, beautiful mind and charismatic physical persona Vital for career people and those in the public eye. $40 + $15 P&P

10) The Ultimate Energised Water of Prosperity bringing wealth in all it's aspects into your life to boost all your fiscal endeavours. This energy brings prosperity into your life home and business duplicating the 'money comes to money' meme. $40 + $15 P&P

11) The Ultimate Energised Water of the Angel of Wings brings love into your heart to enliven your body mind soul and spirit. It brings love to those special people around you and adds depth to jaded relationships so you begin to appreciate their best qualities. $40 + $15 P&P

12) The Ultimate Energised Water of the Angel of Light makes you the centre of attention, the magnetic personality that unifies, leads and sustains, family, career, business.... It is the driving force of entrepreneurs who take their dream and lead people to follow it by the force of their vision. $40 + $15 P&P


All of the 12 Ultimate Energised Water Angel Power waters are available for a special price of $360 + $30 P&P.

 The spring water can be used as holy water to energise the house, in the bath to vivify you or as a homeopathic power remedy to supercharge your physical, mental, soulful and spiritual totality. The 12 Angled Powers are blocked from the normal world so their use makes your reality miraculous, blessed, provident and uniquely fated with good luck. The 12 Angel Power Waters exterminate the power of the anglo demonic reality imposed by British black magic and re-establish the ancient Matrix in which Psi not only works but helps it's user to gain anything they wish for. Miracles become reality then common place. The Angel Power Waters enabled the normal person to use these miraculous abilities in everyday life without the effort needed by a Psi-Master. Perfect for the busy person who wishes to gain the benefit of Psi.


All Ultimate Energised Waters come in a free Tim Rifat Class Psychotronic Battery. This consists of a Kline Simulacra PC charger and BPC crystal; together they not only keep your Ultimate Energised Water fully charged in transit, resisting any negative energies - unlike all other brands on the market but enable you to refill the Kline Simulacra PC 40x to get 1 litre of Ultimate Energised Water from your PC/BPC Psychotronic Battery. Only a Tim Rifat Class of PG can make sure your Water remains positive at all times, all other energised water can quickly go off when exposed to negative energy, destructive Orgone energy, dark energy matter corruption exactly like the Pavlita Generators that go negative and produce energy that destroys as the Psi-Masters of the Soviet Union can attest. The Tim Rifat Class Kline Simulacra PC and the BPC crystal attached to the natural cork stopper - cork is used as the wood acts as a perfect store of Orgone Energy enabling the Kline Simulacra Flask PC to act as a full spectrum bioplasmic generator in conjunction with the BPC. By being able to refill the Tim Rifat Class Water PG 40x you can use your own brand of spring water simply leave over night to have a fully charged Ultimate Energised Water. Since the Ultimate Energised Water is charged only to your energy fields you can be sure the power water is attuned to supercharging your system

The 12 Power Cross Ultimate Energised Water is attuned to the 12 Psi-Crosses. By buying all 12 Power Cross Anti-ADR Waters you can have 12 litres of Power Water, enough to charge your entire 8 pints of blood, the morphogenic carrier of energy in your body. By doing this you make not only your spirit but body drop out of the Anglo Demonic Reality wtih the results that:-

° You free yourself from the Greys: humans possessed by the Archons to become evil human spirits that infect you with their consciousness. Hypnotists have found Westerners infected with one to hundreds of revenant humans that carry drug dependency, alcoholicism, sex dysfunction, paedophilia, criminality, madness...

° You free yourself from demonic Archons that ruin your life by forcing you to do evil. Hypnotists have found these demons lurk in many/all Westerners, this is due to the ADR that bricks the barrier between dead, demon/ and the living, so you can become corrupted. A phenomenon that came about since the 16th Century and the rise of the Archon Illuminati.

° You free yourself from the 12 Demonic Power Psi-prison where all Westerners in the ADR go after death. This 12 level, 12 Aeon Psi-prison keeps socialised Westerners in dead erevenant form so their emotional energy can be used to keep the West in a sub-Matrix, dead zone level where the Greys, deomons can control Westerners who have given up all spiritual nights to get along and earn Illuminati paper money at the expense of their conscience - True Mind, the voice that tells you that you are damning yourself.

° You free yourself from the Atbash scrambling that stops you seeing right from wrong and makes you lose you, so you can be damned.

° You free yourself from the evil Eve that makes you breed children so the Archons have new cattle, regaining True Eve sex for spiritual, soul foul development and freeing yourself from the Matrix.


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Available in 30 cm³ glass ampoules for £15 plus $15 p&p, all multiple orders add only one $15 for p&p.

All Angel Ultimate Energised Water is $15 + $15 p&p per order. To accommodate multiple orders with a single postage item, please select your purchase(s) then from the shopping cart, choose the 'Continue Shopping' button and return her to add postage.  Free p&p on orders over $150, no need to use the postage button.

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Bottle life force for the busy professional who hasn't got time to become a Psi-Master but wishes to have the benefits.

Become a Total BSRI Energised distributor buy buying all 34 PCs, free documentation and accreditisation on this site, the perfect way to start your own franchise.

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