Psychotronic Crystals® Healing Personal Service:
This Service heals your body and Soul using the personal absent healing of Tim Rifat on your person. If you have the 34 BSRI-E you can use the following information as the protocols to self heal yourself:
  • The SuperPower PCs are used to heal the holes in body, mind, and Soul and Spirit. Then to align the physical biophysical bodies and the biophysical physical body Quantum Wave Functions in a non chaotic ordered manner.
  • The 7 Psychotronic Crystal®  Set is used to extract your Chakras that pin your biophysical body upside down (the Hanged Man Tarot Card) in the Middle Place and pin your physical body to the Middle Place. They are then used to unblock your male/female energy centre vortex and spin it clockwise not anti-clockwise to free you of Archon anti-clockwise instilled Evil. Then your Pancreas vortex, Liver Vortex, Adrenals Vortex on your back, Throat Vortex... Then the Insectile in your head Vortex is exterminated, link to nurse Insectile exterminated and it is opened with a clockwise spin.
  • The Left Awareness PC is used to pulsate the Quantum Wave Function to enable you to have psychic powers.
  • The 9 BSRI-E is used to burn the 9 Insectile Queens ill health quantum simulation defined by the 3 Triangles of Art on head left and right shoulder (Assemblage Point and death spot respectively), the two feet groin and pancreas, liver, throat triangle art suppressor spells quantum superimposed upon you. To break the power of Evil magic to make you ill.
  • The 6 Grail Stones are used to strip you of the Grail Patterns buried in your energy field that make you ill and age as well as senile. The 6 Grail Stones redeploy your energy so the encrusted unused energy on you energy membrane is sent back into the 6 major energy centres to be redeployed.
  • The 4 Power Rings are used to move your CF (Circular Force) in 4 dimensions so the misaligned 4 axies skewed to make your right hand phase energy bodies over react and become Chaotic become stable and raise their frequency above the negative Archon frequencies.
  • The 4 Orbs are used to pulse your left Pulsar Torsionic Soliton in linear array so the Quantum Wave Functions of your totality move facing time not away from time to enable your Morphogenic Field to counter all ill health before it arrives in time.
  • The 7 PsyCrystal exterminate all Octanian based Supernatural Spirits.
  • The 9 BSRI-E exterminate all Sedonion based Supernatural Spirits.
  • The Awareness PCs exterminate all simple imaginary number based Supernatural Spirits.
  • The Orb PCs exterminate all Quaternian based Supernatural Spirits.
  • The result you have no possessing energies in your Morphogenic Fields to make you ill or age prematurely.
  • The 6 Grail PCs are used to de-Agglutinise all zones of illness in your physical and biophysical bodies so the negative installations of dark energy matter strange energy matter or Chaos dark energy matter light energy matter are removed from your energy bodies.
  • The Enochian Grid that controls your health via your feet vortices is blocked out of your energy bodies by the left and right Awareness Psychotronic Crystals®.


Psychotronic Crystals® Healing Personal Service: $600 with Certificate