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If you wish to explore the paranormal world, Psi, Shamanism, psychic powers, remote viewing, mind over matter... or are misguided enough to give your soul tot he occult, black magic, chaos magick, witch craft, satanism, the illuminati, ignorance can trip you up for the former or lead to damnation for the latter. A route map of Psi for beginners would eliminate all the pitfalls for the psychic researcher and tell the occultist exactly what price she /he will have to pay for their consorting with demons... Archons.

The map of Psi-Space is for the Psychic Warrior Shaman who wishes to evolve, grow and become aware of what lies behind the veil of the Matrices. To begin with, one needs to be made aware that dark energy matter entities keep ones mind fixed on the box: the world of the Anglo Demonic Matrix - western wage slavery. Since the dark energy matter parasite that latches onto your mind is energy it can be drained, shredded or expelled. The 7 Psychotronic Crystals (PCs) do this by blocking all 7 dark energy matter dimensions simultaneously and sucking your personal dark energy matter parasite into a dark energy matter black hole so it's load of light energy matter can be passed to you. This frees your Awareness to begin exploration of Psi-Space. It also supplies you with a way of producing psychotronic Fuel (PF) to power your Awareness's journey into Psi-Space.

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So many products and Service so little money, now Psi-Lord Ltd has your answer


Psi-Lord Ltd appreciate Americans are becoming poorer by the minute. To help the wanabee Psi-Master who is running out of credit we offer a new starter pack to brand new customers:-

7 Psycrystals for: Love, Luck, Health, Anti-Ageing, Psychic Powers, Psychic Protection and Money $335

Soul Rescue to pull your Soul out of Archon hell $600

Psi-Master Service to make your energy body free from attack by Archons $600

RV E-Correspondence Course to teach you Remote Viewing $240

Sublime GoodŽ Money Engine and Bone GeneratorŽ Upgrade $240

Total cost $2015 Now offered to any customer for $1000

This Incentive Package gives you all you need to have for a Psi-Master wishing to become more secure, wealthy and knowledgeable.

As the only proper outlet of Psychotronic Crystals and the Psychotronic Generator market leader, we now offer volume discounts.

Since the more energy you have the more power, we are offering a  Volume Discount offer on all orders

over $2,000, and get $200 extra free products.

over $3,000 and get $450 extra free products.

over $4,000 and get $1,000 in goods free.

Simply email with order details, the extra crystals you would like, and send the payment for the order to timrifat@rvscience.com. Our shopping cart is unable to handle the Volume Discount option, so all multiple orders involving the Volume Discount must be made in this way.

This should help our Customers in buying the 34 PC/BPC Total BSRI-Engine, 36 PC/BPC Total Demon Shredder, ADR Set, or our new SupernaturalSpirit.com range.

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Psi-Lord.com - The Hypersite, the largest and only psychic, paranormal... resource where we explain all aspects of the Supernatural world. Tim Rifat has explored the big question, what happens after death and his SupernaturalSpirit.com details all aspects of the near death, death, past death experience for Westerners and how it has become corrupted by Illuminati Freemason Satanism. Learn about the Soul and Spirit, how they can be freed, united and opened up to divine higher power.