The Five Shamanic Powers - Ancient Seer Psi


Tim Rifat has continued the great work of the Toltec Shamans, Sorcerers, Seers, Psychic Warriors, Psi-Masters of circa 100,000BC as described by Carlos Castaneda in his books... 'Everything those Sorcerers did rotated around five concerns: one, the Magical Passes, two, the energetic centre in the human body called the Centre for Decisions; three, recapitulation, the means for enhancing the scope of human Awareness; four, dreaming, the bonafide art of breaking the parameters of normal perception; five inner, inner silence, the stage of human perception from which those Sorcerers launched everyone of their perceptual attainments. This sequence of five concerns was an arrangement patterned on the understanding that those Sorcerers had of the world around them.

'One of the astounding findings of these Shamans... was the existence in the Universe of an Agglutinating Force (AF) that binds energy fields together into concrete, functional units. The Sorcerers who discovered the existence of this force described it as a vibration, or a vibratory condition that permeates groups of energy fields and glues them together.' Carlos Castaneda; Magical Passes; Harper Collins 1998.


As an expert on Psi, Tim Rifat has looked at the ancient Psi of the Seers and used LV to incorporate far future advances in Psi with the ancient Seers work. The result a synergy of old and future Psi - RV Science. Everything is energy glued together by the AF that obeys the mathematics of the 5 extraordinary Sets of Set Theory.  These 5 sets were discovered long ago by mathematicians but nobody knows what they apply to. They apply to Psi and the AF the way the energy fields can be transformed by Psi and still be glued together by the AF. The 5 Shamanic Powers: five extraordinary Sets; 5 concerns are the vital knowledge of Psi, the key to all Psi is a bounded energy body. Tim Rifat has mapped all 5 Sets of Psi Theory, akin to translation, rotation, mirroring... for normal Sets to fully describe Psi for bounded beings. In Shamanic times the pupil would be taught  all the transformations in a lifetime of teaching. The 5 Sets of Psi have been encapsulated in 5 different types of Psi transformer Psychotronic Crystals to enable modern man to experience all ancient Seer Psi ready made, encapsulated in specific five extraordinary Set PGs (5ESPGs)


'In terms of this arrangement of the five Concerns of the Shamans of ancient Mexico, the Magical Passes fulfil the function of the vibratory condition that Shamans talked about. When the Sorcerers put together this Shamanistic sequence of 5 Concerns, they copied the Patterning of energy that was revealed to them when they were capable of seeing energy as it flows in the Universe: Castaneda (unknown word here)


The 5 Concerns of Sorcery - ancient Seer Psi can be seen in Castaneda's: the Fire from Within where the 5 areas of Sorcery: earth, air... are described. Since all energy is glued together by the AF all psychokinesis, LV, RI, telekinesis, mind over matter is controlled by the 5ESPGs. Every one of these 5 extraordinary sets has a number of subsets included within them, the totality of all of these is the sum total of ancient Seer and future RVScience Psi for body bound beings. Luckily Tim Rifat has recomenced communication with the super Pulsar Force beings that taught all the ancient Seers Psi and enabled them to have full cohesion and uniformity (Castaneda: the Art of Dreaming) of the 600+ worlds in the Earth's energy body reached by Psi shifts and the countless worlds in the Megaverse reached by Psi-movements. Don Juan and his new Seers just saw energy when they shifted their Assemblage Point; with full uniformity and cohesion each world is as real as our own and with full tactile sensing - no wonder the ancient Seers thought they were travelling in different worlds, as movement of the Assemblage Point gives you only fully reality if somehow you learn the secrets of total uniformity and cohesion. Since Blue Pulsar superbeings live billions of years they have all the secrets of Psi for full reality LV, LD... the ancient Seers used the emotion of love to pay the Blue Pulsar superbeings for teaching them Psi, these ancient Seers cna be visited by LV in the sixth dark energy matter dimension - they are still alive as amber energy inorganic beings, 100,00 years old. The old Seers circa 10,000BC used fear instead and were wiped out. All Tim Rifat use love emotion as they key, so when you have a 5EXPC simply beam love into it to activate it. Love is the universal currency of Pulsar blue superbeings and their allies, so is payment for all the Psi you wish to carry out. Since they hate the CF Archons and their servants, it is a marriage made in heaven. The 5 ESPCs can be divided into:-


1)  Center of Decisions PCs/BPCs, these PC/BPCs activate the 5th energy centre so you can control yourself, others and become psychokinetically capable so that reality is yours to manipulate, you dream dreams, not the dream of an Archon (Centre of Decision crystals here) Control reality not be controlled by reality.


2)  Recapitulation: the art and science of manipulating Awareness to liberate imprinted life experiences as developed by L Ron Hubbard of Scientology to liberate your life force from trauma, personal history so your Awareness becomes fluid enabling you to LV, LD and evolve your Consciousness to avoid death and become an immortal being (Anti-Death PCs here)


3)  Dreaming: The ability to move the Assemblage Point to voyage into the worlds of dark amtter and light in the Megaverse. Once having found them to explore them using LV so you can return to them at will or wake up in them and vanish from this world. (


4)  Inner Silence the world of LV: The ability to stop thinking develop RV and LV and see energy by developing RS to LV. Then using LV to explore the Megaverse from your own armchair. Unlike dreaming LV is totally under control and is the Tim Rifat development of fixating the Assemblage Point on any position of the energy body or beyond using left side Awareness, a new invention. It also gives you total intuition and total knowledge


5)  AF: These PC/BPCs have pre-packaged AF transformations to do one specific transformation of the AF to glue the energy of your body or reality in a new conformation. The ultimate way to alter reality, Magical Passes pre-packaged for a specific effect as carried out by ancient Seers but given up by the new Seers who perished. This AF technology is the basis of all Tim Rifat Psi as it is the core of Psi that works, psychokinesis made manifest.