Ultimate New Age Bone Generator Services



Bone Generators™ invented by scientist Tim Rifat are the most powerful Psychotronic Generators that will ever exist because the Psychotronic Crystals are your own skeleton and skull turned into a Psychotronic Crystal and bioparticle to always give you a positive energy output; the Tim Rifat Class of Psychotronic Generators using two coupled Psychotronic Generators to cancel out any negativity. This double Psychotronic Crystal is the creation of Tim Rifat and if you see criminals selling this technology you know they are counterfeiters, intellectual property thieves and UK/US government run stooges like Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow of www.RVMagic.co.uk... (see warnings). These counterfeit crystals have been reversed so they drive the user and counterfeiter paranoid and cause mental illness as Paul Hughes Barlow admits to suffering from (see warnings) Now since you can only buy Psychotronic Generators and Psychotronic Crystals from Tim Rifat who owns the market, all others being counterfeiters that make you ill or worse... many potential customers have a huge problem in that as the only supplier the Bone Generators™ are very expensive relative to the earnings of the wageslave. To get the full Bone Generator package is well beyond the means of all but the upper middle class or rich. This is a pity as altruist and as a gift to Intent, an act of Agape, largesse in the special section of SupernaturalSpirit.com (part of the largest Psychic potential Hypersite on the Internet - check out our size verses all the counterfeiters, they all copy Tim Rifat as the Psi-Lord has cornered the psychic power market in all it's aspects) every New Age psychic power will be offered as a Bone Generator™ to our customer, downloaded into your bones which are charged remotely so their Quantum Wave Function is modified to carry out the quantum computing for that New Age Psychic Power. Your Bone Generator™ also gives you that psychic power in the Bone Generator™ download into your super energised Psychotronic Generator skeleton so you have the power in you. As author of 3 books on Remote Viewing and all aspects of Remote Influencing Tim Rifat the scientist who is the world expert in the paranormal is unique in that unlike ex operatives of the US or British military he can give you real information and powers while all these others can only give you information that the governments can block, corrupt otherwise they would be in Fort Leavenworth on charges of endangering national security. As Jeff Rense's foreign correspondent on www.rense.com Rense Radio Tim Rifat has since 1997 given out all the most top secret information to prove he can find any information; name of the other companies prove their worth - as they can't - they just sell government sanctioned goods of little or no value. In my first book Remote Viewing: psychic spying and warfare published by Random House 1999, Tim Rifat published the Defence Intelligence Agency documents on Psychotronic Generators that stated Psychotronic Generators could give non psychics psychic power even to the extent of enabling remote killing. As the world expert on Psychotronic


Generators (officially recognised by www.amazon.com see Testimonials) the

US and UK governments have tried everything to force me to work for them; having refused they have tried everything to shut my public disclosure of this information as Tim Rifat believes the full disclosure of this ultimate Psychic Power, Psychotronic Generator technology, Psychotronic Crystals is the right of all free thinking individuals the Bone Generators™ are the ultimate development of Psychotronic Generators and include in them the Hyperinfinity to set, glue, hold the Psychic Power so it can fully manifest and develop. As the ultimate Bone Generator™ Service cost $1800 see the Service part of this site Tim Rifat decided to give his Clients the bargain of the century in offering New Age Psychic Power Bone Generators at a price that any person could afford so all the Western population could avail themselves of this technology. As the cheapest Bone Generator™ Service is $200 this is still beyond the means of the poor minimum wageslave who has the right to enjoy the fruits of this ultimate psychic power technology. So Tim Rifat is offering to download the Bone Generator™ psychic power on this section for all in price of $50 as a Service to the hard pressed client. Tim Rifat is also offering single psychic power custom downloads of Bone Generators™ for the same price based on any New Age activity for the same price from white magic to Radionics if you can't find it listed on this part of the site. If it is not New Age then try the Bone Generator™ batteries section on www.PsychotronicGenerators.com for non New Age psychic powers still at the $50 price limit. Since only Tim Rifat can supply Bone Generator™ and Psychotronic Generator, Psychotronic Crystals all others being counterfeiters we are the only supplier. Our $50 price limit means we are also undercutting the dubious retailers in every New Age field be it Remote Viewing to Wicca and supplying ultimate Psychic Powers, the cheapest and best. All created by the only scientist in the paranormal field not censored by the US/UK government because he won't work for them. As the largest psychic retailer on the planet with around 20 websites the high priced business can be used to subsidise the charitable section of the business so prices in this category can be slashed to the bone - Bone Generators™. You know you are getting the ultimate product proven to exist by the US government Defence Intelligence Agency and supplied by the world expert in all Psychic power applications. To complete this bargain of the millennium, on www.PsychotronicCrystals.com are the Scapegoat Psychotronic Crystals that offer you kick ass psychic powers all at the bargain basement price of $80 so the more aggressive client can use his/her enemies to gain psychic powers. In this New Age section we cater to the gentle client who just wants real working New Age Psychic Powers and only has a limited disposable income to work with, useful for the minimum wageslave and people with lots of debts. Remember we also sell the real Psychotronic Crystals on www.rvscience.com counterfeited by RVMagic.co.uk and LifeTechnology.org (see Warnings). These Psychotronic Crystals may be of use to Clients who find the New Age Bone Generators™ have enriched and changed their lives to open up the Divine within the Light and Life bottled up in all of us and needing the key Psychotronic Crystal Bone Generator™ to empower, enliven, unlock, manifest and develop the Psychic Power for you. All our Bone Generators™ come with the guarantee that Tim Rifat personally empowers them and you automatically get an E-Certificate on ordering so you have proof that Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord will bring into being the New Age Psychic Power Bone Generator™.

Remote Viewing Bone Generator Service;

Tim Rifat has had 3 Remote Viewing books published and is the worlds leading expert on Remote Viewing, compare my books to the censored Remote Viewing books published by US military spooks to see Tim Rifat gives all the military secrets (available on www.Psi-Master.com as E-Books). A CIA agent told me that all US/UK Remote Viewing experts work for the establishment and only 1% of the pre 1990 research is allowed out, the part they can block and overlay with false images, information. He told me in 1997 that if Tim Rifat revealed real Remote Viewing protocols the British government would try and kill me using microwave weapons as they are deniable. For a full review of the microwave weapons used by MI5 and Brighton Police death squads listen to Rense Radio on www.rense.com and the website of Harlan Gerrard the world expert on microwave weapons (www.ICOMW.org). Having survived since 1996 under sentence of death by the British government Tim Rifat has proved Bone Generators™ make you hard to kill (see Vietnamese info on SupernaturalSpirit.com/Services) as well as unbeatable in Remote Viewing where Tim Rifat has since 1997 given all the secrets of the West to the public via www.Rense.com as a guest and now World Correspondent for Rense Radio, the USA's largest independent news organisation.

In this Service the Client has his/her bones tuned into a skull bioparticle and remaining skeletal Psychotronic Crystal to give you the ability to be a living Psychotronic Generator (see www.PsychotronicGenerators.com) tuned to Remote Viewing. The protocols in my first two Remote Viewing are downloaded into your Bone Generators™ as quantum computing programmes in the quantum computer of your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Generator. The Bone Generator™ gives you the energy for Remote Viewing, the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals the innate, subconscious assimilation via your downloaded quantum computer of how to Remote View. To carry out Remote Viewing you just pull in energy from your skeletal Psychotronic Crystal Bone Generator™ and in your mind's eye step into your skull bioparticle Bone Generator to be able to catapult your Awareness to distant locations for Remote Viewing. The Bone Generators™ supply the energy for Remote Viewing and protect you while Remote Viewing from attack by hostile entities and UK and US government microchipped Remote Viewing guards (the real US/UK Remote Viewing using chipped military zombies) so you can go to any government site and find out all their secrets, discover what your government is really doing is Dulce, under Denver Airport, Parton Down bio weapons labs... Unlike useless Remote Viewing taught by ex operatives this Bone Generator Service gives you the energy for Remote Viewing, protection, real Remote Viewing quantum computing to find any secret and creates the interface between mind and body so you can learn to bilocate a high energy Function needing Psychotronic Generators now inbuilt in the Bone Generators™ Compare that to useless tapes, CD ROMs, Videos, DVDs that give you none of these all priced more than $50. Get the ultimate military Remote Viewing capacity not found anywhere else on the market as the establishment would not allow it. Tim Rifat does what he pleases as the only Psi-Lord

Remote Viewing Bone Generator Service; $50 with E-Certificate


Remote Influencing Bone Generator Service;

If ex-operatives are not allowed to give any real Remote Viewing secrets than you can be sure that all Remote Influencing is off limits and any tapes, DVDs... sold are going to be filled with useless disinformation. Remote Influencing needs energy lots and lots of energy and all military Remote Influencers have to use Psychotronic Generators. Since the US/UK could not use Remote Influencing to mind control the Moslems in the Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Turkistan, Palestine... it is clear their Psychotronic Generators, Remote Influencing does not work as Tim Rifat states in his Warnings pages. All Western Remote Influencing is garbage. For the first time ever Tim Rifat the world expert on Remote Influencing is giving the public the military grade Remote Influencing the West craves but does not possess so our Clients can use Remote Influencing to do anything they want in the West. Since Tim Rifat does not want to be on the hit list of Russian, China... the Remote Influencing package only works on Westerners and pro Westerners worldwide so you can Remote Influence them to give you money, love, sex, power over them, promotion, submission... the list is endless.

The Remote Influencing protocols are downloaded into your bones remotely by Tim Rifat, who turns them into Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals which are Psychotronic Generators to give you the energy for Remote Influencing as well as quantum computers that hold knowledge to use real Remote Influencing not the garbage sold by ex-operatives run by the US and UK government to spread disinformation via tapes, DVDs... To use you simply use your mind's eye to visualise the Skeleton Psychotronic Crystal (minus Skull) uploading energy and Remote Influencing quantum computing capacity into your Skull Bioparticle Psychotronic Generator. You simply walk into your Skull and are projected to the target to be Remotely Influenced. Once there you touch them remotely with your right biophysical hand to download commands and touch them with your left biophysical hand to ease from their mind/brain./body anything you don't want them to do. It is easy. No complex protocols all you need is huge amounts of energy supplied by the ultimate Psychotronic Generators: Bone Generators™ created by Tim Rifat who has made them foolproof so you cannot get blowback by any Remote Influencing you carry out, the only safe super powerful Remote Influencing on the planet a spin off from my $25000 Omega Point Bone Generator Services on www.supernaturalspirit.com now available for all mainstream Remote Influencing at the bargain price of $50. Why? To give all my Clients no matter what income a taste of the ultimate in Psychic Power, the Bone Generator™ created by Tim Rifat.


Remote Influencing Bone Generator Service; $50 with E-Certificate


Reiki Grandmaster Bone Generators™;

The Japanese healing art of Reiki, Remote Influencing used for healing uses symbols and taps into healing energy for the use of Reiki Master. In this Reiki Grandmaster Service all the worldwide Reiki Masters can avail themselves of Bone Generator™ Psychotronic Generators to raise their power from Master to Grandmaster. As energy is the key to all psychic powers Tim Rifat remotely psychokinetically evolves your skull to a bioparticle and the rest of your bones to a Psychotronic Crystal quantum entangled to create the Ultimate Psychotronic Generator the Bone Generator™. As a public Service to all Reiki Masters Tim Rifat has kept the cost down to $50 so any Reiki Master can avail herself/himself of this ultimate powerhouse of energy to heal/help the world. Unlike our normal Bone Generators™ these New Age versions only work for one New Age Art and have no consult only phone or email backing but are invaluable to the financially stressed. To use the Reiki programming downloaded into your newly created Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ which are the ultimate quantum computers, as well as the energy in this Ultimate Psychotronic Generator: Bone Generator simply use your Awareness centred on your skull (brain) to transmit Reiki healing to the person in front of you by laying your right hand on them to give healing energy your left to expunge, erase, clean out the illness, disease... To use Reiki healing remotely just visualise the energy from your lower skeleton moving to your skull so you can broadcast Reiki from your Skull Bioparticle remotely to the patient using left to cleanse and right to energise the patient.


Reiki Grandmaster Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Shaman Bone Generator Service;

There are countless people giving courses on Shamanistic drumming, spiritual walking, meeting animal archetypes and shamanistic meditation. This Bone Generator caters for that sector of the market that is beginning the  Shamans path and craves altered awareness, rather like Castaneda's experiences in his early books but without the strict methodology of the Seer path, be it Ancient or New Seer. Your Bone Generators™ are tuned to amplify the numerous Shamanistic workshops you may attend so you get altered awareness. As well as your Bone Generators™ amplifying spirit catchers and other Shamanistic instruments so they really work. A must have for the apprentice Shaman who does not have the funds for the professional Bone Psi-Master™ Services but wishes to get a taste for the world of the Shaman.

In this Service your Bone Generators™ are tuned to empower you for sweat lodges, healing energy exchanges at spiritual gatherings, spiritual growth journeys, vision fasts, rites of passage, sacred sand vocalisations, ancient meditations, sacred feminine moon ceremonies, pipe ceremonies, vision quests, genetic memory meditation and Shamanic marriage, Shamanic dream groups, art therapy and life transition processes Shamanic healing, energy work, spiritual astrology, prophecy, ceremonial rituals and prophecy. As well as drumming circles, free walking, Shamanic pilgrimage and smudging, the burning of Sage, Cedar, and Sweet grass. All the quantum computing for the above is downloaded into your Bone Generators™ so you can get the most out of traditional New Age Shamanism and become a being of mystery to normal mankind. Since Bone Generators™ are the true secret of Psi-Power to have fully charged and programmed Shamanic Bone Generators™ means you get the most out of your Shamanic experience. For the professional Psi-Master the full Bone Generator™ Services are a must.


Shaman Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Aromatherapy Bone Generator Service;


In this Service your bones are changed on the quantum level to become Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ to charge up your aromatherapy oils so that they take on the energy output of your inbuilt Psychotronic Generators. This means the oils become Psychotronic Batteries and download their energies into the user be it you or your Clients to superboost the effects of aromatherapy. The rhinocephalus brain centre affected by smell affects all parts of the body. With Bone Generator™ super amplified aromatherapy, the charged molecules of oil psychotronically charge the brain centre to access the biophysical body/mind to cause life changing positive transformations to change this therapy from beneficial to life altering. To charge the oils you simply hold them between your Bone Generators™ hands to fill them full of Psychotronic life giving energy to super accentuate the healing power be it Cypress oil for grief or Bergamot oil for happiness and peace. It is a simple as that as with this Service your Bone Generators™ have made you a living source of life giving power to boost the aromatherapy oil powers to a new level where Supernatural Spirit fills the oils to super energize them to give them Psychic Power properties for life.

Aromatherapy Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Herb Bone Generator Service;


In a similar process to the Aromatherapy Bone Generators™ the Herb Bone Generators™ allow you to super energise any herbs you use to augment their effectiveness and to give them Supernatural Spirit powers just by holding them in your Bone Generators™ hands for around 5 seconds to fill them with Psychotronic Energy for your use. Tim Rifat reserves the right to cancel all Services if used for non personal use in business to promote herbal businesses using Tim Rifat's name. The use of Bone Generator™ herbs to boost your lifespan and health is the benevolent use of this ultimate Psychotronic Generator technology created by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat.

Herb Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Flower Remedy Bone Generator Service;


In a similar process to the Aromatherapy Bone Generators™ the flower remedy Bone Generator™ Service allows the Client the super power all the flower remedies by holding them between the Bone Generator™ hands for around 5 seconds. This brings out the flowers latent powers and raises them to archetype power level for Supernatural Spirit effects.

Flower Remedy Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Aura Reading Bone Generator Service;


In this Service your bones are tuned into Psychotronic Crystal Skull and Bones Psychotronic Generators to download the Quantum Wave Function to read Auras and the quantum computing to innately know what they mean. Simply stare into the distance at the person to be Aura read in a low light level, or in a mirror for self Aura reading to see the coloured Aura energies and with this Service you will automatically know what the Aura means, your Bone Generators™ doing all the work.

Aura Reading Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Meditation Bone Generator Service;


If you are a devotee of Transcendental Meditation, Alpha Meditation techniques such as Silva Mind Control, use Holosynch, Theta Meditation for altered Awareness... your bones will be turned into Bone Generators™ to automatically lower you into a super altered state of Awareness where your meditation becomes more real than real. In this more real than real state you can begin to acknowledge the real you and actualise it in your life. To use just visualise your lower skeleton charging your skull bioparticle, in mind's eye step through the Psychotronic gateway in your skull to access these perfected meditation states.

Meditation Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

New Age Music Bone Generator Service;


Your Bone Generators are charged so when you listen to any New Age music you simply visualise your lower skeleton Psychotronic Generators™ powering up your skull bioparticle and simply in your Mind's Eye step into the torrent of music in your head to be carried away by the Psychotronic current of altered states of Awareness to enliven, enrich and add creativity to your life.

New Age Music Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Crystal Healing Bone Generator Service;


Simply hold the Crystal between your Bone Generator™ hands for 5 seconds to empower the New Age Crystal Energy that is linked to it by New Age knowledge. This amplifies the New Age Healing Energy for use on Clients to sooth stress and suck out negativity.

Crystal Healing Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

New Age Channelling Bone Generator Service;


Enables you to contact long dead individuals without becoming possessed and affected by their negative baggage so you can safely use New Age Channelling with no negative effects. The Bone Generator™ also automatically tells you whether they are lying or telling the truth.

New Age Channelling Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Divination Bone Generator Service;


In this Service your bones are tuned to Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals so your Bone Generators have the quantum computing to use Divination techniques such as: I Ching, pendulums, runes, scrying... To use simply visualise energy from bones entering skull to open a gateway in your mind's eye to the future. Can be used for precognitive Remote Viewing as given in my books so you can directly see the future.

Divination Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Astrology Bone Generator Service;


Your bones are turned to become Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals to download into you the quantum computing so you can successfully carry out accurate astrological charts and predict the life path of yourself and others.

Astrology Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Spiritual Healing Bone Generator Service;


In this Service your Bone Generators™ are tuned to enable your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals to generate healing energy that by use of your hands you can pass back into yourself for positive feedback or into others to heal them. For healing at a distance the Bone Generators™ have been tuned to enable you to visualise the patient in your mind's eye and use your Bone Generators™ to pump them full of healing energy at a distance.

Spiritual Healing Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Acupuncture Bone Generator Service;


Your Bone Generators™ are charged to pump healing energy into the needles used so you can pass healing energy into the meridians to augment acupuncture and synergise acupuncture and spiritual healing into a super powered healing art using the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals to provide the power to change the patient's state back to health.

Acupuncture Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Acupressure Bone Generator Service;


Your Bone Generators™ are charged to pump healing energy into your fingers, thumbs and in particular knuckles. Acupressure is historically considered to predate acupressure, and some feel this may be the more natural way - combined with Bone Generator™ technology you are able to directly apply healing energy to the 12 Meridians with your fingers.

Acupressure Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Shiatsu Bone Generator Service;


As above but tuned to turn your fingers into healing energy Psychotronic Generators powered by your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals. You can use left or right hands as positive healing energy Bone Generator™ transmits to turn Shiatsu into a spiritual art.

Shiatsu Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Homeopathy Bone Generator Service;


Your bones are tuned remotely into Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals that power your hand Psychotronic Generators that can pump healing energy into any homeopathic remedy you hold to synergise the spiritual and physical to raise the homeopathic remedies vibration to such a level that it shreds chaotic energies and super amplifies the healing effects.

Homeopathy Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Massage, Therapeutic Touch Bone Generator Service;


Your Bone Generators™ are tuned to pump healing energy into your hands so the effectiveness of massage and therapeutic touch is raised from the purely physical to the Supernatural Spirit level where your very touch becomes a Supernatural phenomenon and your contact promotes drastic healing, relaxation, augmentation.

Massage, Therapeutic Touch Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Polarity Therapy Bone Generator Service;


Your Bone Generators™ are tried to empower all Polarity Therapy so you can super amplify Polarity Therapy to get Supernatural healing effects.

Polarity Therapy Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Iridology Bone Generator Service;


To raise Iridology to the extent where your Bone Generators™ can charge the eyes of patients for healing effects.

Iridology Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Rebirthing Bone Generator Service;


This Service tunes your Bone Generators™ to assist you in facilitating Re-Birth procedures, allowing you to channel clean untainted energy to the re-birthee to stabilise their journey, keep them safe and increase their chances of a providential experience.

Rebirthing Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Shamanic Sacred Fire Circle Bone Generator Service;


Bone Generators™ are all about providing you with pure clean energy to use to help yourself and others. Sitting in a Sacred Circle, your Bone Generators™ will allow you to feed energy left and right, forming a Power Circle through everyone else participating, bonding you all together, enhancing the Shamanic processes being performed and keeping you all safer from external intrusions and influences.

Shamanic Sacred Fire Circle Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Shamanic Drumming Bone Generator Service;


This is an example of Energy Broadcast Technology. Your Bone Generators™ when primed by pressing palms together for five minutes with deep breathing, and a light meditative state, will then draw in clean untainted energy through the anterior meridians (behind you) and release it through your hands as you drum, and the action of the hand pushes it out, in pulses, which will effect your audience in the most positive and beneficial way, a very altruistic process to benefit your fellow man.

Shamanic Drumming Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Shamanic Dreaming Circle Bone Generator Service;


In a very similar fashion to the Sacred Fire Circle, your Bone Generators™ provide you with the ability to draw in good, wholesome energy from behind you, and feed it out through your hands, left and right, to enhance the Circle, enhance not only your Dreaming experience, but all those in your Circle, letting you go further and safer to enhance your growth experience.

Shamanic Dreaming Circle Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Sweat Lodge Bone Generator Service;


As in any altered state of Awareness procedure, the Sweat Lodge Journey is greatly enhanced by the energy produced by your Bone Generators™, in this instance, a Circle is not necessary, as the Lodge itself forms the conduit, holding the energy in place around you and anyone with you, ideally the Lodge is circular, and this places the focal point of the energy at the fire pit.

Sweat Lodge Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Rites of Passage Bone Generator Service;


A Rite of Passage can be a very foreboding time - by their very nature they are not easy - with this Service your Bone Generators™ are programmed to bring in energy, and run it through your skeleton, priming all your internal body systems with positive energy to support you and enhance you for the trial ahead, to maximise your chances of succeeding and gaining your desired status.

Rites of Passage Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Healing Energy Exchanges Bone Generator Service;


Ideally both participants would have enabled Bone Generators™ making the healing energy exchange a truly life enhancing experience. However, one participant using Bone Generator™ Technology is enough to push this healing experience to a higher level, using energy levels not normally available to the un-enhanced individual.

Healing Energy Exchanges Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Vision Fast Bone Generator Service;


Many people try Vision Fasts and fail, modern day people are not accustomed to going without food for extended periods of time. Bone Generators™ in Vision Fast Mode bring in supportive energy from acceptable sources (vegetation, water, the Earth) and gently support you in your difficult time, improving your chances of achieving your altered state of Awareness without your body letting you down.

Vision Fast Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Sacred Sound Visualisation Bone Generator Service;


With your inbuilt Bone Generators™ running pure energy through your infrastructure, it's possible to alter your bodies vibration. Sacred Sound Mode is a programme designed to match your bodies vibration to your vocal intonation, making your Sacred Sound Visualisation session a holistic synergy.

Sacred Sound Visualisation Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Sacred Feminine Moon Ceremony Bone Generator Service;


Ceremonies of a Sacred nature are always improved if the participant has greater energy levels. For Moon ceremonies, your Bone Generators™ are programmed to ramp up your aura, and align it with the properties of the our Moon, easing your interface.

Sacred Feminine Moon Ceremony Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Sacred Feminine Earth Ceremony Bone Generator Service;


As with the Moon Ceremony, your Bone Generators™ ramp up your aura, and align it with the properties of our Earth, easing your interface.

Sacred Feminine Earth Ceremony Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Genetic Memory Meditation Bone Generator Service;


Meditation to locate and unlock genetic memory is a fascinating and involved process. Bone Generators™ have the ability to support you with energy levels beyond your usual abilities to acquire - allowing you to meditate longer, further, and deeper to where you need to go, deep inside your genetic memory.

Genetic Memory Meditation Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Energy Work Bone Generator Service;


All work involving energy between practitioner and Client requires energy, or nothing is being done. Transferring or giving energy to the Client is an ideal way to improve their overall health and medical status, but even manipulation the Client's own energy requires an energy expenditure on your behalf, so energy is key. Bone Generators™ give you greatly elevated energy levels and the ability to direct it using your hands. An invaluable tool for anyone working in the essential energies of our bio systems.

Energy Work Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate

Smudging Bone Generator Service;


Smudging is a very beneficial process, and well established throughout history. Adding a positive energy flow from practitioner to Client improves this process many fold and synergistically. As usual with Bone Generators™ the energy is transmitted from the hands, and so accompanies the fanning motions.

Smudging Bone Generator Service $50 with E-Certificate