Monatomic Gold Bone Generators Service:


1: Monatomic Gold Bone Generator Service™. The ancient Egyptians used monatomic gold to raise their frequency to promote good health and opening up the energy body to higher power. Monatomic gold is the gold Quantum Wave Function with no Hyperinfinity. The operator that collapses the Quantum Wave Function to form the Matrix. As such the monatomic gold leaches Hyperinfinity from solid gold and anyone who uses it so weakening the reality of the user - not a good thing, you may start to fade from the Matrix but your body loses Hyperinfinity who you need to voyage in infinity (see  for explanation of Hyperinfinity) Tim Rifat has got around this problem by using Bone Generators™ in the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystal Mode™ to link with monatomic gold in your or in the Earth's crust to pull you out of the Matrix, decohere you from the box of material reality but instead of the monatomic gold leaching your Hyperinfinity, freewill, reality to make you easy for Archons to capture the Bone Generators™ use hyperinfinity from real gold in the world to avoid this problem. So your body is pulled out of the Matrix, your body is pulled from Matrix diseases and Matrix mental problems, to open up your psychic facilities to real reality outside the Matrix as the gold in the world loses reality weakening the world of money grabbing Mammon, the bankers that rule the West. To use this Service simply visualise gold in your mind's eye and the Bone Generators™ automatically lift you out of the Matrix, shifting your consciousness and bodily state to that of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and their high priests. The Egyptians used their pyramids... to supply the Hyperinfinity for the process, Tim Rifat uses Fort Knox, Federal Reserve, bank of England to replicate the process so it is safe using Bone Generators™. If you use monatomic gold be aware your reality, free will, Hyperinfinity is being lost to our detriment. Only use Bone Generators™ monatomic gold to bypass this problem.


Monatomic Gold Bone Generator Service™ with E-Certificate $50

2: Monatomic Silver Bone Generator Service™:

Instead of using monatomic gold, the Bone Generators™ are tuned to monatomic silver to increase the conductivity of the energy bodies. Silver is the best conductor of electricity, shot of superconductors. To use this Service simply visualise the silver in your mind's eye and the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ raise the conductivity of your energy bodies so your mind works more efficiently. For Remote Viewers it cuts down on noise and increases Remote Viewing efficiency. For other psychic powers it increases their speed and duration as you are wasting less energy. It means your body can use the adaptive energy and Orgone that run it more efficiently increasing your lifespan and immune system.

Monatomic Silver Bone Generator Service™ with E-Certificate

3: Monatomic Platinum Silver Service™:

The monatomic platinum Bone Generators™ raise your frequency to promote the decohering of your bodies from the astral, demonic evil of the Matrix to cleave you from the chaotic evil that holds you mired in the human condition. To use simply visualise the platinum in your mind's eye and the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ lift your energy bodies out of the astral, Middle Place, Maya world of illusion of the Matrix to allow you to see the real psychic world around you and the real world shorn of all illusion and lies.

Monatomic Platinum Bone Generator Service™ with E-Certificate