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Oxford Dictionary:

Sublime .adjective: of the most exalted or noble kind; awe-inspiring (sublime genius)

.verb: sublimate to purify or elevate by or as if by sublimation; make sublime.


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Psychotronic Crystals® Crystal Psychotronic Generators™ the only safe Crystals.


All crystals used by new age devotees of paganism... as well as all the illegal counterfeit crystals sold by NSA/MI5 Satanist front organisations such as Loohan.com, Lifetech.org, NewTarot, MysticalWonders.org.... possess you with Demons.




As explained on RVScience.com on the dangers of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (that is why they are sold by US government front companies by ex-operatives of the CIA, DIA...) any time you leave your body you get possessed. It is worse than that with crystals of any variety except Psi-Lord Ltd Psychotronic Crystals® - Crystal Psychotronic Generators®  (exclusive trademarked property of Tim Rifat). These counterfeit and new age crystals boost the Demons that wish to possess you, so even touching a crystal sold by Lifetech.org... Loohan.com... mysticalwonders.org.... newtarot.co.uk... any new age crystal enables the Demon to possess you. That is why new age devotees are called nuts by the wageslave, they have been possessed by the new age Demons that force the new age devotee to give away all his/her lifeforce, Hyperinfinity to raise the consciousness of the Matrix- improve it, while they become more and more divorced from reality.


Why do all crystals except Psychotronic Crystals® Crystal Psychotronic Generators™ cause possession of new age psychics and make them the new age Scapegoat mentality - giving all their energy to save the world and feeding the Demons that have made the 21st Century so evil (US/British Iraq/Afghan wars - the new age movement based in USA) driving themselves and their families mad as they go bust - penurised by the Demons? Only the leading scientist in all aspects of psychic technology, Tim Rifat can answer the question, as only he has developed the science and maths to explain all psychic phenomena. The simple reason is the Hyperinfinity in the crystal can be used by the Demon to possess you - but you cannot use the crystal's Hyperinfinity to boost your resistance to possession. Crystals which house Demons, such as those sold by US/British Satanist counterfeitors such as Dexter Ator, or Loohan of Loohan.com (NSA), Rory Mcaffrey aka Aureium (MI5) of Lifetech.org, NewTarot.com Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow aka Pundit Maharaj of Sufi Brighton.com, Supertarot.co.uk, MysticalWonders.org (NSA) possess you even quicker. But can be used by Psi-Lord Ltd to produce self charging Psychotronic Crystals® for our customers as the counterfeitors customers go mad (see this website: Mystical Magnet, Psychotronic Generator®  Magnet, Counterfeiter Crystals...)


The scientific far future explanation is that in the Earth there are 48 types of Hyperinfinity. The Hyperfinfinity in crystals does not match that in our bodies, housed in our bones, so cannot be utilised. Demons have advanced occult technology to utilise crystal Hyperinfinity developed by Dr Dee the Elizabethan black magician (original 007 of the Secret Service): the Stone Table used to establish Enochian magic, the basis of all Illuminati Matrix. Tim Rifat has sequestered this crystal Hyperinfinity  via injecting sequestration programmes into the crystal to lock out Demons use of Hyperinfinity in his Psychotronic Crystals® . The next step is to download into the bones of the customer the Quantum Computing Engine Bone Generator®  (exclusive intellectual property of Psi-Lord Ltd) the ability to download the Hyperinfinity in the Psychotronic Crystal®  into their Bone Generators®. Only then can the Hyperfinfinity collapse the Quantum Wave Function to produce Mind over Matter. This is the only way to any psychic power controlled exclusively by Tim Rifat Bone Generators® - the key to all Mind over Matter - the Psychotronic Crystals. It doesn't depend on your being psychic so these Crystal Psychotronic Generators™ trademarked as Psychotronic Crystals® by Tim Rifat work no matter your psychic ability. The Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystals® download all the hidden parts of Hyperinfinity into counterfeitors so you get totally pure Hyperinfinity. If you have bought any crystal for psychic work from anyone but us you are possessed so must have our Exorcism Service on www.supernaturalspirit.com,  or www.mindovermatter.ru




Psychotronic Generators differ in that they accumulate and generate power, while most crystals are 'pre-charged' and then slowly deplete, but Generators are of a different psychic design and function.


Tim Rifat offers the most advanced and extensive range of Psi-Technology on the planet. Check out the Power Rings, Psychotronic Crystals/Generators, Courses, Books, Ultimate Energised Water, Warrior Shaman Power Objects, Lucid Viewing enablement - and the largest stock of Energised Crystal Jewellery to be found - all with the most advanced instructions - so you can achieve your Ultimate Potential. Click on Psi-Lord.com to open your portal to all the wonders that Psi has to offer.



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