5 Shamanic Powers Bone Generators™:


The Shamans techniques revolved around 5 Shamanic Powers associated with their 5 major power centres (see www.psychotroniccrystals.com) For the first time we have major power Bone Generators™ at Best Buy Prices.


1: Shamanic Spirit Power Bone Generators™. In this Service your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals, Psychotronic Generators are downloaded with the quantum computing so your dreaming body, Lucid Viewing body can travel into the Shamanic world of Spirit, communicate with these entities and see different dimensions. As an added extra Anti-Chaos is added to our Bone Generators™ to make you lethal to Kabbalistic, Archon spirits of the 31 Dimensions of the Enochian satanic realm called the Middle Place so you can bypass this barrier to Spirit, the Veil as you burn holes in the Middle Place and it's satanic Spirits of the Enochian, Kabbalistic pantheon of Anglo Zionist Satanism. To use the Bone Generators™ just move your mind's eye to the Middle  of your skull and see a blue doorway you step through to enter the world of Spirit - it's as easy as that. To return just visualise the blue doorway and step through to return to your physical body now charged with Spirit Shamanic Power by your journey.


Shamanic Spirit Power Bone Generators™ with instant download E-Certificate (save and print)

2: Shamanic Earth Power Bone Generators™. In this Service your Psychotronic Generator Bone Generators™ are charged with the Shamanic Power to see Earth Spirits, the devas of plants, rocks, mountains (the Kami of Japanese folklore), the Souls of animals... This enables you to talk tot he devas, animals to gain knowledge of the natural world and healing energy for your body. You can use the above technique of the blue doorway to enter the Earth realms of Shamanism and safely navigate and get back. Anti-Chaos is added to your Bone Generators™ so you cannot fall prey to Satanic Earth Spirits such as the Goetia or be spared by the Enochian, Kabbalistic evil of the Satanic Earth Demons. A fool proof way to get the Shamanic experience free of risk in the process burning holes in the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generator chequerboard of the Enochian Anglo Demonic Reality - just by travelling outside the Matrix.


Shamanic Earth Power Bone Generators™ with instant download E-Certificate (save and print)

3: Shamanic Fire Power Bone Generators™. In this Service your Bone Generators™ have the power to see the Jinn Fire Spirits of the Islamic Worlds who are  enemies of the Archon Satanists. They can help you fight evil directed your way be it physical (IRS) or biophysical (Satanism). The Anti-Chaos in your Bone Generators™ makes you lethal to the Goetic Fire Demons of the Kabbalah and their leader Moloch who the Americans sacrifice to in Bohemian Grove in California. As the lynch pin of  Satanism this Moloch Kabbalistic God is holed every time you travel in the Fire realms so driving the Anglo Zionist Satanists mad with the backlash. In this Service you can contact the Voodoo Loas of Fire to help you and to gain your power like a Voodoo priest, the harm you do the Satanists with the Anti-Chaos in your Bone Generators™ freeing up energy the Loas can utilise as payment to aid you. A true powerhouse of a Service all for the Best Buy cost of $50.


Shamanic Fire Power Bone Generators™ $50 with instant download E-Certificate (save and print)

4: Shamanic Water Power Bone Generators™. In this Service your Spirit can travel to the water realms of the Shamanic realm, talk to the devic water Spirits in lakes, rivers, springs, seas... oceans as well as ice. Gives you the Power to talk to them and the Anti-Chaos in your Bone Generators™ kills Enochian, Goetic, Kabbalistic... Satanic water Spirits of the Middle Place as well as poisoning the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators™ built over water such as underground rivers (as in Brighton). To enter the water realm use the blue doorway technique and for return visualise again as above. To physically travel as a Shaman down waterways pull your body through once you stepped through the blue doorway to flow down the water to bilocate at a distant location for perfect Lucid Viewing using water. To enter the dark energy matter dimensions of the lesser Allies of this Megaverse place any mirror in a bowl of water place your blue doorway over it and step through, reverse to return. To bring lesser Allies (as described in Castaneda's: The Fire from Within; pull an ally that appear at the submerged mirror into this world using your Bone Generators™ so it can serve you as a psychic helper like the Shamans. Do not try on the Mirror Megaverse Pulsars as they are liable to pull you through - boots and all. A bargain of the century not only $50 (price may go up to the more normal $200 professional Bone Generators™ price so take advantage of the low price while you can)


Shamanic Water Power Bone Generators™  $50 with instant download E-Certificate (save and print) 

5: Shamanic Air Power Bone Generators™. In this Service your internal Psychotronic Generators give you the Power to talk to air spirits, enter their realm using the blue doorway and utilise all levels of the wind, clouds, hurricanes, tornadoes, storms. As a special upgrade the Bone Generators™ grow Angel Wings from your spine Bone Generators™ so your biophysical body can swoop and soar like a bird in Lucid Viewing and Dreaming as well as enabling you to Lucidly Wake as a bird from in any location so you can fly like a Shaman to any location. The Anti-Chaos in your  Bone Generators™ burns holes in the Middle Place, anglo Demonic Reality... allows you to trade with air Loas, Jinn (of sandstorms) and kills all Satanic entities of the air such as Goetia, Enochian and Kabbalistic Demons. A bargain at only $50 (price may rise rapidly - yours for the Best Buy price for a limited period).


Shamanic Air Power Bone Generators™ $50 with instant download E-Certificate (save and print)