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Decision Making Power Centre Activators:

Carlos Castaneda in: The Magical Passes, stated the old Seers who developed human Psi regarded the energy centre found in the throat region to be the most important Power Centre in the human energy bodies. It brings in energy that enables us to:

a) Make decisions

b) Make decisions that are always right

c) Links us to higher power so we have access to silent knowledge, Cosmic intuition, prepackaged Memes, ideas that enable us to find the right path no matter the opposition put in our way

d) Finding the path that always leads to success

e) Finding the path that always lead out of the Matrix

f) Activating the blocked decision centres in others so they always follow our lead

g) Opening other people's decision centres to input prepackaged Memes for RI, Psychokinesis so we can control every decision made by our target people

h) Opening our Centre of Decision power centre to the Wheel of Time (see Castaneda's: The Eagles Gift) so we can turn our Awareness to see time coming our way, not as it recedes. This enables us to see what the future brings before it happens so we can tailor our actions to make the best of what is going to happen

i) Supercharging our Centre of Decision making to pulse not rotate so that we can pulse energy (if we have enough PF) into the Wheel of Tim to alter the infolding of space time so that even to change so they benefit us aided by our right decision

j) Making our total being a Centre of Decision making to becoming a Psi-Master who had dedicated his life to altering the spiral energy to Pulsar energy so she/he can link into the Wheel of Tim to alter it at will without becoming effected to change the present in line with her/his intent so controlling the mileau in which she/he finds himself


Centre of Decisions; Castaneda: Magical Passes:

'The most important topic for the Shamans who lived in Mexico in ancient times... was the Centre for Decisions. Shamans are convinced by the practical results of their endeavours, that there is a spot on the human body which accounts for decision making, the V spot - the area on the crest of the sternum at the base of the neck, where the clavicles meet to form a better V. It is a centre where energy is rarefied to the point of being tremendously subtle, and it stores a specific type of energy which Shamans are incapable of defining. They are utterly certain, however that they can feel the presence of that energy and it's effects it is the belief of Shamans that this special energy is always pushed out of the centre very early in the lives of human beings, and it never returns to it, thus depriving human beings of something more important than all of the centres combined: The capacity to make decisions.

'In relation to the issue of decision making Don Juan expressed the hard opinion of the Sorcerers of his lineage. Their observations over the centuries, had led them to conclude that human beings are incapable of making decisions, and that for this reason, they have created the social order: gigantic institutions that assume responsibility for decision making, they let these gigantic institutions decide for them, and they merely fill the decisions already made on their behalf.


The fourth Centre... has a special type of energy which appears to they eye of the Seer as possessing a unique transparency, something that  could be described as resembling water: energy so fluid that it seems liquid. The liquid appearance of this special energy is the mark of a filter-like quality of the Centre of Decisions itself, which screens any energy coming to it, and draws from it only the aspect of it that is liquid-like. Such a quality of liquidness is a uniform and consistent feature of this Centre. Sorcerers also call it the watery centre.


'The rotation of the energy at the Centre of Decisions is the weakest of them all... That's why man can rarely decide anything. Sorcerers see that after they practice certain magical passes. that centre becomes active, and they can certainly make decision to their heart's content, while they couldn't even take a first step before.

Willpower BPC/PC range:
75000055 Rose Quartz Pendant This Centre of Decision making PC/BPC changes your life so you always make decisions that enhance your lifeforce and lead you to health and vitality. This stops you smoking, drinking or overeating by boosting your Centre of Decision making you you always choose the path that leads to health. This anti-smoking/drinking/overeating PC/BPC is the perfect Psychotronic Crystal for the indulger who wishes to develop her/his willpower to live healthily. The BPC/PC also aids you to make the decision to stop eating junk foods and rubbish ready made foods that make you fat. A bonus is the BPC/PC is tuned to stop you eating sugary sweets chocolate and fizzy drinks full of the aspartame poison found in diet products. A life saver BPC/PC.
$85 + $15 P&P
75000051 Aqua Aura Pendant This Willpower PC/BPC boosts your Centre of Decision making to give up bad habits such as swearing, obsessive behaviours such as binge shopping, credit card overspending, stupid credit agreement mistakes, overspending, taking out stupid loans, HP, mortgages that you can't possibly repay. The PC/BPC to stop Obsessive Compulsive behaviour in all it's forms. Simply wear for effect, the willpower supercharger for all weak willed people that get themselves in trouble.
$170 + $15 P&P
75000756 Lazer Quartz Pendant The PC/BPC to Direct your Attention to all the jobs you should be doing but dither or put off until too late. Makes you do the jobs, tasks and carry out decisions you don't want to do but know you need to carry out. Stops you making excuses and prevaricating to avoid doing them. The willpower booster PC for the tedious onerous tasks in life like: tax, bookeeping, VAT, household jobs, report writing, collating, research...
$90 + $15 P&P

75001031 Amethyst Point Earrings The Willpower PC/BPC to steer you clear of bad habits that cause you harm like drug taking, stupid gambling, criminality, violent behaviours, watching stupid TV programmes you hate but... mobile phone textaholics, talkers, downloaders, cult mentality, obsessive stalking... Any evil habit you have acquired is erased by this PC/BPC simply by wearing it your Decision Centre is inoculated to this evil Meme which you have caught and is ruining your life.
$150 + $15 P&P

75001036 Crystal or Amethyst Swan Earrings Amethyst Earrings to boost d) and to help in all female bad habits such as sleeping around, allowing yourself to be a punch bag.

The Crystal Earrings boost for females the effect of f)

$200 + $15 P&P

75000053 Crystal Pendant The Crystal Pendant develops for females the feminine power so their willpower is tuned to being a superfemale who can get what they want and does not conform to the male perception of a female as breeder, child rearer... This PC/BPC turns the female into a career orientated creature who uses her willpower to become successful, smash the glass ceiling, get ahead in the male rat race and leave nappy changing, night feeding... adolescent criminals, teenage pregnant daughters to the breeder female who have their lives spoiled by children while the career woman gets rich successful and stay young. For the trainee rich bitch!
$80 + $15 P&P

Remote Influencing PC/BPCs:
The RI PC/BPC is designed to enable the Psi-Adept to activate control, turn on/off the Centre of Decisions in other people in conformation with the will of the BPC/PC user. This makes them the ultimate RI tool for the dedicated Remote Influencer - a must have for all Psi-Adepts.
75000008 Crystal Pendant with facetted Amethyst accent The Crystal Crystal PC charges the Amethyst + BPC that is used to Remotely Influence the person who has an evil Meme, personality, problem, disease, habit... that impinges on the Pi-Adept. The RI BPC/PC enables the Psi-Adept to psychically clear the evil from the problem person by intending that trait is expunged so it vanishes or the RI BPC/PC can be used on that person to drive them away so bully supervisors get sacked or transferred. Abusive partners are banished, enemies go away, stalkers give up, lose interest, love sick idiots find another fixation. Or the person afflicted loses his evil habit, Meme... so she/he becomes bearable. The RI BPC/PC for banishing personal Demons in others - a lifesaver for people who are driving you mad!
$110 + $15 P&P

75000039 Rose Quartz Pendant with facetted Garnet accent This PC/BPC enables the user to channel the lifeforce from the target to superboost the lifeforce of the Psi-Adept. A PG to use RI to funnel lifeforce from the target: enemy boss, sexual predator, someone who is having sex with your partner, cheat, thief, counterfeiter, liar.... so the evil person is drained of lifeforce which funnels into the Garnet PC where it can be used by the Psi-Adept to boost her/his vitality, potency, lifespan at the expense of evil scum that seek to hurt you. The ultimate vengeance PC/BPC for the Psi-Adept afflicted by arseholes!
$110 + $15 P&P

75000035 Amethyst Pendant with facetted Topaz accent This PC/BPC reverses the evil decisions of your enemy: loss, someone who steals your partner, thief, counterfeiter, identity thief, fraudster, crooked policeman, government official... so that all their decision making is such that they harm themselves. All your enemies' decisions are warped by the PC/BPC so they make exactly the right mistakes to ruin them and bring them down - while they think they are in fact hurting you. The Role Reversal PC/BPC to turn the aggressor into the victim no matter what the starting point. The ultimate PC/BPC to enable you to let your enemy hang themselves.
$140+ $15 P&P

75000038 Crystal Pendant with facetted Garnet accent This BPC/PC uses the evil intentions of your enemies as the PF to alter the Centre of Decision making in all the people who surround the enemy(s) so that everyone is forced to hurt your enemy(s) in any way they can. Thus your persecutor supplies the PF for you to turn everyone against them so all hands are turned against them so they become alienated, isolated and destroyed by everyone they know in every conceivable way. The ultimate vengeance BPC/PC.
$110 + $15 P&P

75000037 Crystal pendant with facetted Topaz accent This BPC/PC makes the friend you are targeting the centre of a field that turns the Centre of Decision making in the people persecuting them into reverse so your friends' enemies destroy themselves by their own reversed decision making, hanging themselves in their frantic frenzy to attack your friend. The ultimate BPC/PC to use against Western secret police out to destroy anti-war politicians, protestors, anti-Nato... can be used in business to make sure all your allies get on while their enemies fail - a vital tool for the snakepit of human affairs so any organisation where the scapegoat syndrome is king to the detriment of the organisations success.
$130 + $15 P&P

75000007 Rose Quartz with facetted Amethyst accent The PC/BPC frees the will of another under satanic cult mind control so their allegiance obedience to evil is broken instead you take over their Decision Centre and RI them. Useful for police, politicians... who dogmatically obey uphold evil Illuminati and who when treated with this BPC/PC revel against their Masters cause trouble and seek to overthrow the established order. A revolutionary product can also be used by healers to free their patients from the evil influence of a controlling parent, partner, friend, cultist, satanist or Illuminati. Frees the will of the mind controlled so they break free of control.
$110 + $15 P&P

Wheel of Time Decision PC/BPCs:
75000040 Crystal Pendant with Garnet cabochon accent The Crystal PC fills your Decision Centre with the watery power that supercharges it to become fully active then the Garnet Cabochon accent accesses the Wheel of Tim to change the future so your idea, dream, Intent becomes part of the present so you can remotely change the line of fate to achieve your goal in line with your willpower charged by the Centre of Decisions.
$110 + $15 P&P

75000036 Crystal Pendant with Turqoise cabochon accent Links you with the watery energy of the Decision Centre so that your decision making merges with the Wheel of Time. This means all your decision making is merged with the Megaverse so everything you decide to do is inline with what is meant to be so everything works and no obstacles can be placed in your path because the Megaverse is you and you are the Megaverse. The universal Decision Centre PC/BPC that merges your will with universal cosmic mind so you are perfectly in tune with what will happen and what will never happen. The Crystal pendant BPC tunes your Decision Centre to the turquoise Cabochon PC that is perfectly attuned to the Wheel of Time and what is meant to be. A cosmic attunor for the over achiever such as myself.
$110 + $15 P&P

75000041 Rose Quartz Pendant with Garnet cabochon accent The Garnet Cabochon PC tunes you with the Wheel of Life so fate is changed to pulse you  with lifeforce to be collected by the Rose Quartz BPC to make sure that you get stronger with time; unlike wageslaves who grow old die and are processed by the Archons. This PC charges your lifeforce to the Wheel of Time so your lifeforce becomes part of it and eternal. This opens up a path by which the Psi-Master find the way to reach the 6th and 7th dark energy matter Pulsar realities so they can download their lifeforce into those realms to live billions of years then eventually Burn with the Fire from Within to transcend after a stupendously long life the dream of all Psychic Warrior Shamans. The Guide PC/BPC for all aspiring Psi-Lords!
$110 + $15 P&P