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Mr. Tim Rifat is the world's premier expert in crystal technology, providing crystals charged with purpose specific energy for the adept and the layman alike to benefit from.

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Psychotronic Crystals® the key to Psychic Powers:

Two Psychotronic Crystal® Quantum Computing Engines quantum entangled with quantum encryption via your Bone Generators® (your bones turned into Psychotronic Crystals®; far future science brought back to the distant past); has enabled the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat to produce crystals that don't open you up to psychic attack and possession by Demons (see Warnings on counterfeiters and but instead give you Mind over Matter powers - regardless of your own psychic powers or lack of them. Psychotronic Crystals® are the exclusive trademark of Tim Rifat anyone else who advertises them or uses them for links is a criminal - period!


When you use any non Psychotronic Crystal® the Demon world uses the Hyperinfinity in the crystal to possess you, if you use it producing the new age freak - a possessed creature devoid of reality, money or power to influence the Matrix. Crystal Hyperinfinity is different from your Hyperinfinity that is stored in your skeleton - hence Bone Generators®: the trademark technology of Tim Rifat. By quantum entangling Crystal and Bone Hyperinfinity by the double Psychotronic Crystal® the crystal Hyperinfinity is available to you to boost your mind over matter powers. Just by holding it in your left hand to link with your left Pulsar side. That's all the instructions you need for basic 7 PsyCrystal: Sex, Luck, Anti-Ageing, Psychic Powers, Psychic Protection Psychotronic Crystals®. If you have seen them anywhere else (see Warnings) they are counterfeiters and their crystals drive you mad. Since Demons can use crystal Hyperinfinity to possess you unless you have Psychotronic Crystals®  only made by Tim Rifat.


The Psychotronic Crystals®  only work for the buyer on all other people they do not work or draw their energy. Why? When you buy Psychotronic Crystals® Tim Rifat takes the Hyperinfinity from the two Psychotronic Crystals®  and downloads them into your skeleton to give you the Quantum Computing Engine in your bones, the Bone Generator®  (exclusive trademarked technology of Tim Rifat) to directly give you the Hyperinfinity of the two crystals you have bought in Psychotronic Crystal® mode. All stores of energy are depleted then collect negative energy. By making Psychotronic Crystal® neutral it has no Hyperinfinity to be used by Demons to possess you, the Hyperinfinity has been put in you as Bone Generators®. The two Psychotronic Crystals® then collect negative energy in transit as they go through the postal system. The two Psychotronic Crystals you get always produce a positive output for you as a negative x a negative = a positive. So the Psychotronic Crystals® supply you with more and more energy as they collect more negative energy from the Illuminati matrix. That is why they get supercharged in huge negative Cities of negativity. Any idiot can sell two crystals (see Warnings) but they can never be Psychotronic Crystals®. Why? The crystals cannot be joined physically so they can never act in concert to produce positive output instead their output is always negative. The exclusive technology of Psi-Lord Ltd Bone Generators® allows the two Psychotronic Crystals to be quantum entangled with your Bone Generators® in a quantum encrypted manner to lock out Demons and all intruders into your personal space, so only you can use them. All others find each Psychotronic Crystal is negative Hyperinfinity so if they use it to possess you, all that happens is their Hyperinfinity is leeched off to make you stronger - the ultimate Psychic Protection. If they dump negative energy or Hyperinfinity at you the double Psychotronic Crystals® just make it positive for you. Psychotronic Crystals® have transformed the world to allow Tim Rifat to gain total control over Mind over Matter ( - now you can benefit too. All other crystals possess you with Demons, all psychic techniques such as Remote Viewing, Remote Influencing possess you with Demons, all magic possess you with Demons. Only Psychotronic Crystals®  empower you and exorcise all Demons in you. If you have been unlucky enough to use counterfeit crystals (see Warnings), any new age crystals, Remote Viewing or Remote Influencing Courses, Magic, or  Freemasonry you need our full Exorcism Service on


Sublime Good technology (exclusive to Psi-Lord Ltd allows you to use your Psychotronic Crystals® to download any negativity into any target to boost your energy infinitely. By this means one can use counterfeit crystals to produce fully self charging Psychotronic Crystal® power sources so you don't even have the bother of charging them.



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Our world is made up of the seen and the unseen - using crystals charged with psychotronic power enable us to manipulate the unseen aspects of our world.
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