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Anti-CF Chakra PCs - Future Lucid Viewing Psychotronic Crystals:

Magnetic Hematite Chakra Necklace The Chakra Set boosts the Chakras to a super high frequency to burn a whole in the Matrix, merge the Chakras and produce a Lucid Viewing body burning with the Fire from Within so you can Lucid View, Lucid Dream outside the Matrix and display non Matrix Psi. The Archons are used for Psychotronic Fuel in this process so the more they try to stop you the more power you get.

Necklace for physical LV/LD/Psi

$140 + $40 P&P

62043111 Magnetic Hematite Chakra Bracelet Bracelet for biophysical LV/LD/Psi
$100 + $20 P&P




This Chakra Set reverses the CF Chakras to turn you around the Wheel of Time so you see time coming your way. The reversed CF kills off Archons so is the perfect vermicide for these vermin and enables you to wreck their creations, Illuminati, just by psychic contact.
62041310 Chakra Necklace with STS clasp Necklace to face Time in the physical realm. Kills off CF entities in the physical realm
$180 + $20 P&P

58980107 Chakra elasticated chip Bracelet Bracelet to face Tim in the biophysical realm. Kills off CF entities in Psi-space.
$80 + $20 P&P

This Chakra Set turns off the Chakras so you drop out of the Matrices and become invisible to all CF entities. The Ultimate Stealth technology if you wish to Lucid View, Lucid Dream DF entities and remain unseen. Once in your stealth mode you can use stealth RI, Psychokinesis, Telekinesis for affecting Archons... Illuminati while they remain unaware of you. For the stelthy Psi-Master who likes to remain unseen by evil as she/he does his/her Psi-work available for the pro Psi-Master.
62041309 Chakra black cotton Bracelet with wood clasp Bracelet for biophysical realms - LD
$180 + $20 P&P

58980105 Chakra black cotton Necklace with wood clasp Necklace for physical realms - LV
$80 + $20 P&P