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Circular Force Manipulators:



Crystal Facet Sphere Pendant:

The Sphere is charged with the Pulsar Force so when rotated anti-clockwise replaces the CF with the Pulsar Force to completely jam all CF occult, Illuminati processes when rotated clock the Crystal Sphere places negative energy Pulsar Force into the occult CF target to totally poison all CF entities, jamming all occult processes and entities. PD09

$100 + $10 P&P

Amethyst Cone Pendant:

This CF manipulator erases all CF energy in it's locale when rotated anti-clockwise being the perfect device for psychic cleansing exorcism of occult evil contaminated areas. If the CF manipulator is rotated anti-clockwise in the right hand it injects cleansing energy into the area or patient like a CF antibiotic to cleanse, heal and stop re-growth of CF occult dark energy matter parasites and their evil. PD49

$100 + $10 P&P

Crystal Cone Pendant:

The Crystal Pendant is the basic CF manipulator erasing CF energy as it charges itself up using the CF energy for fuel. Should be held in the left hand, BPC in left sock to use CF energy to charge biophysical Psi. Put BPC Pendant in left hand, small crystal as PC in left hand to use CF as psychotronic fuel for physical Psi, letting pendulum rotate in an anti-clockwise fashion. By this means the Crystal Pendant acts as a Psychotronic Generator, CF converted to psychotronic fuel upon use. PD50

$100 + $10 P&P

Rose Quartz Cone Pendant:

This CF manipulator is used in the left hand as a PC, BPC in left sock, or as a BPC, PC in left hand. Pendant is rotated anti-clockwise to convert CF into life force to charge the user with the vitality to build their health, sexuality, charisma. Can be used over ley lines to tap into CF contaminated earth energies to use the CF flux as PF for the Psi-Master to boost her/his life force. PD48

$100 + $10 P&P


12 Sided Crystal Pendant:

The Pendant converts CF energy into the 12 Powers, blocked  by the ADR. Hold Pendant in left hand rotate anti-clockwise, as a PC with BPC in left sock, or as a BPC with PC in left hand or taped to Pendant. The CF energy in the area is converted to the 12 missing Powers blocked by the Anglo Demonic Reality (ADR) to enable the Psi-Master to experience the 12 phases of Awareness missing from western Psi-prison reality by the Illuminati. A universal CF to 12 Power psychotronic generator to use the ADR as PF. PD10

$100 + $10 P&P

Amethyst Point with Tumblestone Pendant:

PC and BPC combined in an Amethyst negative CF destroyer. The Amethyst Crystal charged as a PC cleanses biophysical CF occult evil if rotated anti-clockwise at waist height. Or as a CF occult evil cleanser of all physical energies if used at foot level to cleanse the Fringe of Awareness around the feet for physical results. PD60

$100 + $10 P&P

Rock Crystal Point Pendant:

Crystal Pendant converts the CF occult evil force into PF focussed by the point into a laser-like projector to focus the energy liberated from the rotating of the Pendant anti-clockwise (PC or BPC mode) into a specific area. Charge pendant by rotation then hold PC over area for biophysical effect; BPC mode for physical effect. Useful for specific healings of a localised complaint. Also useful to amplify Directed Attention, write in mind's eye for RV, RI and RS as in protocols. PC mode held in left hand, BPC, in left sock, BPC mode held in left hand with small stone as PC. PD61

$100 + $10 P&P

Black Tourmaline Point Pendant:

This CF manipulator uses the CF force to solidify all CF force in it's locale to make the CF dark energy matter evil super dense so it leaks in, blocks out all CF forces so they cannot escape or enter the locale where the pendant has been rotated anti-clockwise (BPC or PC mode for physical or biophysical effects respectively) If rotated clockwise the solidified CF dark energy matter is poisoned killing. PD68

$100 + $10 P&P