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Future technology inspired Psychic Sex techniques:

Welcome to the newest extension of Tim Rifat's Science.

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Sex energy is the prime energy of human beings and it's slowly leaches away during life leading to impotency, old age and death. Every sexual act loses sexual energy and there are various dark energy matter entities that feed off this energy and input different memes leading to injurious energy loss.


Psychic Power Sex Crystals and other aids use the hollow cavity of inanimate objects to store sexual energy which has been inputted by turning the crystal into a PC using 4th dimensional klin bottle technology derived from Lucid Viewing the far future; and from Lucid Viewing the far past to explore alchemical marriages, grayal states and the fusion of male/female and all male/male female/female energies to produce more sexual energy than was there before the union.


This allows sexual energy to be inputted into inanimate objects so that the wearer can then have a supply of sexual energy which tops up their own depleted supply leading to extra potency, vigour, youth and psychic power sex.


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