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Welcome to Magical Jewellery - the premier collection of psychically charged jewellery and matching PC/BPC options for today's existence.

We have a huge range of Magical Jewellery which is custom charged to you the buyer personally by Tim Rifat - the world's expert on Psi. Charging your Magical Jewel to your energy field  boosts all your natural attributes by:

a)     Making you shine through the engrams - masks of worry and tribulation that hide the real you
b)     Polishing that personal magnetism, aura, charisma, vitality, vivacity, allure, unique potential, allure, coltishness, persona, anima and true being
c)     Having your characteristic features so you appear in your best light be it in the :sexual, personal, business, acting, media, career based stage of life
The Psi-Lord HyperSite is full of long explanations on Psychic Powers, this site is dedicated to you.  Simply find the Magical Jewellery or PC/BPC that suits you then put on your order the energy, power... you wish to have personally created to your individual energy field so the Psychic Jewel will only work for you.

A unique Psychic Jewel to bring that power energy into your life of hearts, business, careers, art, personalities, family, politics, science, humanities or life.

To order simply place your personal energy, power requirement against the Magical Jewel or PC/BPC for no extra charge. For maximum power only one energy or power should be ordered but if you want a melange then up to 12 powers or energies can be incorporated into your Psychic Jewel for no extra charge to give you a wide spectrum selection of energies and powers to give you a unique combination of powers no one in the world has. With the huge number of energies and powers available, the combinations are almost too large to imagine and approach the Googol (10 to the power of 100) of the famous search engine (Google).


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Psi-Lord.com - The Hypersite, the largest and only psychic, paranormal... resource where we explain all aspects of the Supernatural world. Tim Rifat has explored the big question, what happens after death and his SupernaturalSpirit.com details all aspects of the near death, death, past death experience for Westerners and how it has become corrupted by Illuminati Freemason Satanism. Learn about the Soul and Spirit http://www.psi-lord.com, how they can be freed, united and opened up to divine higher power.