Tim Rifat appearing on Jeff Rense Radio

20 April 2009


Jeff Rense:      We’re talking with Tim Rifat in England, without question one of the most outspoken, unforgettable, unique, incisive and rarely wrong or incorrect geopolitical, military, financial analysts on the planet.   There’s so much to talk about, tonight, we’ll deal with Obama, the Rothschilds’ Pharaoh.     Obama lied regarding how he handled the Pirate episode (articles on www.rense.com) and there’s much more to be said about how this sock-puppet continues to perform for his masters, so tell us more.


Tim Rifat:       One could start with one of your guests, who described that when he went to Russia, a Russian lady described Mr Obama as far back as 1993 stating the US would get a black president, that he would be Communist and that his name was Barack and she continued from there.   (Full story on www.rense.com search for “The first time I heard of Barack”).



Jeff Rense:   In 1993, Tom Fife wrote about the dinner he was at in Moscow, where the wife of the host of the dinner had had a few drinks.   She was a very hard core Soviet Communist and she said, “You Americans always like to think that you have the perfect government and your people are always so perfect.   Well then, why haven’t you had a woman President by now?”     She went on to say, “I think you’re going to be surprised when you get a black President very soon.   What if I told you that you will have a black President and he will be a Communist?   Yes it is true.  This is not some idle talk.  He is already born and he is educated and being groomed to be President right now.    You will be impressed to know that he has been to the best schools of Presidents.   He is what you call Ivy League.   You don’t believe me?   He is real and I even know his name.   His name is Barack.  His Mother is white and American and his Father is black from Africa.    That’s right, a chocolate baby and he’s going to be your President. ”    She went on to tell more to Tom Fife at that dinner.


Tim Rifat:  Why are the Rothschilds so certain - even at this time, when Gordon Brown is proclaiming the New World Order yet again, even though the bankers have collapsed the economy – that they will get their one world government?      For the answer, we would have to look at the nature of humans.   Have you ever wondered why, the majority of Westerners especially, obey, cause no trouble and act as versions of the ‘Stepford Wives,’ a film where the males in a town, replace the women with androids/robots so that they will do what they’re told, on demand, and all free will is eradicated.    The Rothschilds, who are the masters of the so-called free-will Zionist empire, have been stockpiling occult secrets for a very long time, in order to gain the ability to control the masses.


How can they control the masses?   It goes back to the beginnings of civilisation.  Man was originally a hunter-gatherer who hunted in packs, the term for which cursorial.   A tiger will pursue the prey and, it doesn’t catch the prey, it will give up, but the cursorial pack, like the wolves or man, will keep on following one prey until they bring it down.   So they act in conjunction and, to all intents and purposes, they are not a single entity but are, like wild dogs and wolves, a pack or mob animal.    What has devolved humans is that originally there were the Alpha males who backed up and supported the leader of the group; then came the Betas or Drones who just obeyed.   Research performed on the numbers per group in a pre Western population showed that 85% of the population constitute the Drones who obey orders; approximately 10% are Alphas who are the lieutenants, and about 5% who are the leaders.


The development of ‘civilisation,’ i.e. city-states, succeeded by the elimination of the loners, those human beings who don’t fit into the pack.    Even these days, loners are seen as potential criminals.   One hears of the “lone gunman” or the “lone militia terrorist” etc and these were radically hunted down by the mob.    As a result, 5% ruled the city-state and these 5% killed each other and the most murderous and brutal, became the King of the Castle. 


The Rothschilds have been very interested in what the Egyptians did and that was to bring these city states, each one ruled by one of the 5% that kills off the rest, giving rise to court politics.   Subsequently, these 5% of rulers link up in a concatenation of groupings.   Research has found that a human being can only really know about 156 other people, so there is the potential to link all the Alphas, the leaders, to someone who knows these other 156 leaders and can produce a country.   In Egyptian times, they looked into the technology of fusing city-states into one empire, which is precursor for the Rothschilds’ New World Order, which they wish to regenerate in modern times.   


Why do they want to do this?   The Egyptian civilisation was very stable which lasted for about 5,000 years and if the Rothschilds want to govern the planet as absolute rulers, they would want to duplicate what the Egyptians used to turn the leaders of these city-states into slaves, Stepford Wives and Drones of the one Pharaoh.     All this knowledge has been dug up, scrutinised and, most assiduously, by The Stamford Research Institute, and the American and British occult branches of MI6 which, in turn, derived from Dr John Dee who was the original 007 in Elizabethan times and he was the inventor of the most powerful group mind ruling Enochian magic.    


This has been the thrust of research because, if you can control the group mind then, for example, you can cause the collapse of the Soviet Union, or the Ukraine to be controlled by an imbecile called Yushchenko, or cause Georgia to be ruled by an even bigger moron than who has declared war on the gigantic state of Russia and thinks he’s going to win.  


He’s under orders, as are they all, because it is all part of the instructions of the one Pharaoh because the plan is to try to duplicate what the Egyptians did to produce a stable society.     If they’re going to have a New World Order, they want it all run from London by the Rothschilds, the master, who has used Egyptian occult technology to fuse the group mind of humans and turn -  not these 85% of Drones, because they will do anything they are told -  but the real thrust of the movement is to get the 15%: the 10% of Alphas plus the 5% of Leaders, to change from being Alphas and Leaders to being Drones.   


The whole thrust of Western civilisation has, first of all, been to get rid of the number of Alphas and Leaders by cutting down on the numbers produced, and by producing more Drones.    To this extent, they introduce families where there are no Fathers because, in biology, there is something called neoteny, which means the longer the development of the human the more intelligent he or she becomes.    We find that, especially males and females without a Father develop much quicker.     Therefore, they have less time to develop intelligence and leadership ability, which they need to be Alphas and Leaders.      So, having the Rothschilds’ bastard family with the Father, (who knows which Father it was?), is vital to cutting down on the number of Leaders and Alphas.    Secondly, abortion is vital to the Rothschilds because, if there are a lot of abortions, you lose a lot of energy, so the children you produce are predominantly Drones.   So introducing masses amounts of abortion in the West cuts down on the number of Alphas and Leaders.   Feminism is also vital to the Rothschilds and is part of the whole plan.


The Egyptians developed the technology to turn the Alphas and Leaders into Drones and the whole pack, the Egyptian people, were controlled by a god, a Pharaoh, who Tex Marrs currently has on his wonderful monthly newsletter, The Power of Prophesy, on www.texmarrs.com, which has some striking if not identical similarities to Barack Hussein Obama. 


The Egyptians developed the technology to subvert the 15%, because the 85% are just robots who will do what they’re told and it’s useless to persuade the Drones to do anything, you have to use the pack mentality to command them.       The Egyptians had slaves, which would be the Western equivalent of workhouses and work camps who are too poor to feed themselves; and we have an elite who are worshipped as gods, the Moriah Conquering Wind as the Illuminati call themselves, the eye in the pyramid.   So what we need is a way of tapping the group mind’s history, away from awareness of a Pharaoh, bringing it to the modern day.  Then, of course, we need a modern day Pharaoh in control of the only superpower and he is elected with messianic, god-like fervour from the Drones who are robots.     We can see why they are robots - because the Drones are commanded to worship their god who is Obama.


This has been carefully planned as, first of all, there was the evil man, the personification of torture evil, called George W Bush, and then we have this god-like Pharaoh figure, who comes in and he’s going to save the world.      Obama’s bloodlines go back to the Pharaohs.   He also has bloodlines to white people, bloodlines to the Ashkenazi Jews, because otherwise the Ashkenazi Rothschilds could not use Obama as a stepping-stone to taking over the group mind of the humans.   


One must look at why blood and race are so important to mass mind control.    This goes back to the 100th monkey syndrome, where a Japanese monkey on an island begins to wash rice to get rid of the sand by throwing it in the sea and the rice floats to the surface.     When about 100 of them also perform this ritual, every single member of that species immediately all do the same thing, no matter how far separated they are, even on different islands.     So we can see there is a biological telepathy but there is also an activation energy where 100 monkeys are needed before it goes into practice. 


For example, we can see this in fashion that spreads throughout the world.    This is why the Rothschilds are in control of the media and advertising because with that, they can command the 100th monkey syndrome.


There is also the 100th idiot syndrome where you get a hundred humans of the same race who are stupid and then it propagates throughout the population.    For example, you have unwed mothers, mass abortion instead of using condoms, obeying the authorities mindlessly, the giving of billions of pounds to already fantastically rich bankers because they’ve made mistakes, because they are told to do so and, as long as a hundred idiots do it, it spreads through the population.     You can see that the 100th idiot is the mechanism by which the Rothschilds command the West.    But, if they want to unite the planet, they need to bring in the archetype of the Pharaoh, this man who is worshipped as a god, and who turns the Alphas and Leaders into Drones, and re-embody this archetype in the present.     Barack Hussein Obama is that man and these bloodlines have to contain white, black and the Moslems because they want to rule that as well, and they have to contain Ashkenazi because when Obama is terminated by whatever means, then the Rothschilds can then take over that mantle, and Obama is used as a stepping stone to the New World Order.


Why does this happen?    Because humans have three layers of the brain area: the reptilian brain which is the brain stem, the limbic system which controls all the emotions, around that is the cortex which covers the higher consciousness in non-Westerners and, in Westerners just runs the 100th idiot programmes which are called memes.  


The brain stem is linked telepathically to all the other brain stems and, significantly, looks like a snake which the Rothschilds worship and it resembles the snake-like figure you’ll find in all the Rothschilds’ symbolism.


So, if there is a lot of stress on this human brain, for example, a lot of people on financial meltdown because they have become unemployed, a great deal of stress goes into the human body.      The brain stem controls the brain stress system and it pumps out neurochemicals which get the brain into a highly stressed state.    All human decision-making is not made from the cortex, but from the limbic system so we make all decisions from the emotional brain, and then we rationalise afterwards.


If the reptilian brain is in a high state of stress, it means that the emotional brain is constantly interfering with the cortex, and the IQ of the population becomes lower.     So, by this means, they can turn a large number of the Alphas and Leaders into Drones, by having an event such as a world financial meltdown, which hits the Alphas and the Leaders who are suddenly worried about their jobs whilst before they weren’t.


Secondly, the reptilian brains are linked together so that when we have a group of humans who are highly stressed and agitated, which produces what is called a mob, the mob then acts as a single entity.     This has been studied and is well-known, that there is telepathic communication between these humans who also display a very limited intelligence, so that these humans are turned into a pack of Drones.


The financial meltdown was orchestrated by the Rothschilds at the same time as they brought along the Pharaoh, Barack Hussein Obama.    Obama has been linked with the Pharaohs’ bloodline of the past and, by using the 100th idiot syndrome, they can get the masses to do what the Pharaoh wants them to do.  Bringing this method into the future will be very effective, as long as Obama is of the bloodline of the Pharaohs.     So it is extremely important that, somewhere in his past, he has that bloodline.    As he is also linked to the whites, then they can also be infected with this virus, which makes the Alphas and the Leaders turn into Drones.     As he also has the black heritage, he can make the blacks worship him as well and the Alphas and the Leaders give up their leadership qualities and become slaves to the Pharaoh.


There’s a whole science that the Egyptians developed in order to reinforce this means of turning the 15% into the 85% and producing a mindless, mob mentality, which became permanent.     If you can get 100% of the population acting as a mob, controlled by the Pharaoh, then you can have a New World Order, which can last the same length of time as the Egyptians, 5,000 years.  


As he has Ashkenazi blood and if he is ritually sacrificed, then the 100th idiot power can be passed on to the authorities who take over, after the Pharaoh has been ritually sacrificed.      The Rothschilds wish to bring in the Pharaonic means of controlling humans, the basic hive mentality, and any of the Alphas and Leaders who don’t become Drones, have to be carted away and they have to be stopped from breeding because they would be a danger to controlling the race.     


Therefore, the FBI’s list and the various other means aren’t just there to scare people but because, if the Rothschilds are going to bring in this utter and total enslavement of mankind via this use of mob mentality in humans, then they need to eliminate those few who don’t go under the fluence of the mob. 


Jeff Rense:                  In the newspaper recently (The Telegraph?), they talked about the Alphas or the achievers or the Leaders, needing to be subjugated.   Society and peer pressure is working hand in hand with this game plan because the brighter, young and British students in middle school are now dumbing themselves down so they can make friends.


Tim Rifat:       It’s even worse than that.   There’s a scientist called Dr Edelman, a very high calibre neuro surgeon, who proved that the brain isn’t fixed and actually the neurons in the brain are constantly competing on a Darwinian, evolutionary basis, so that if you practise a behaviour for long enough, it becomes set in the neurons.    It doesn’t happen just up to five years of age, but after five years of age, the neurons still compete.   People who are acting in a certain way for long enough, set their neuronic network into that new profile, so the bright children who act dumb, eventually become permanently dumb.        All this is well-known to the Rothschilds who want to use this knowledge of turning the Western population into complete imbeciles so that the 100th idiot syndrome, nemetic effect is dominant, by which means they can control the population and those few individuals who refuse to become Drones can be eliminated.


Now we come to the Communism aspect and the Ashkenazi blood; and the other modern potentate who went along the Pharaonic lines was Josef Stalin who was the bastard child of a Rothschild, born in Georgia, a Talmudic Satanist of the worst order.     He was so successful in turning Russia into a state of Drones that, when the NKVD who were Talmudic Satanist killers and torturers, came to Leningrad, 25% of the population were taken away to be tortured to death in the gulags and none of them fought.   They were just meekly carted away in the Black Marias without any sort of fight in them.     So, if you can link the Pharaoh from Egyptian times to a modern day ruler of the world, the Talmudic Satanist Stalin, who was a Rothschild, then you can bridge and link the Rothschild into taking over from the Pharaohs.     


So he has to be a Communist, he has to be indoctrinated by Communism to turn America into a Communist state by making all the debt of the mainly Talmudic Satanists bankers public, making all the profits private – because, of course, all the money in a Pharaonic civilisation goes to the Pharaoh, and all the rest live as slaves apart from the High Priests who maintain the mob mentality in the population.   One can then see that the Ashkenazi blood links Obama to Stalin and we can then flip from the Egyptian Pharaoh type to the Rothschilds Pharaoh type which is the Stalin where we can have a constant state of terror.


Why do we have a constant state of terror in a Stalinist state?    Well,  that’s because, in non-linear dynamics chaos theory, known to the public as “the butterfly effect,” in a biological system under stress, it goes from one to two to four to eight and sixteen, but then it goes into a strange attractor: the mob state.   If you can define those states well enough, you can judge the mob state.     If you make a Pharaonic command in society, where the ruler has absolute power, absolute like Stalin and absolute like Pharaoh, then you can generate a mob mentality by keeping them in a constant state of terror by use of the NKVD, Homeland Security or the British Police who beat the population to death;  this maintains their condition of terror which continuously sustains the mob mind status.     If you can make the population so stressed out all the time, they weld into this mob mind and the few that don’t become Drones, can be picked up as in Stalingrad, and taken away to camps to be re-educated.     They don’t want non-Drones to breed because genetically they are resistant to becoming Drones.      The Rothschilds aren’t stupid, they wish to have a New World Order but, like Aldous Huxley said, they want the slaves to be of a different species from the Moriah Conquering Wind Illuminati Ashkenazi class.   


How can this be done?   How can they produce the Goyim who are Drones, and the Ashkenazi Talmudic Satanists who are the ruling class elite who have the power of Pharaoh or in the case of what comes after the demise of Obama, the Ashkenazi Stalinist state?   How can they create the underclass i.e. a population comprising 100% Drones?


Well, they can fluoridate the water, damage the brain, microwave people, have an education system that miseducates them to become a Drone, mobile phones to fry their brains and produce Drone-like abilities, because, if you can cut the intellectual capacities of the 15%, then more and more of them will fall into the Drone class.     Also, with Dr Edelman’s research, the brain keeps rewiring itself, and if you can continually cause the wiring to become less and less connected by having a brain that is highly agitated and stressed (and mobile phones, for example, highly stress the brain) then the number of neuronal interconnections becomes fewer.    The more stressed placed on the brain, the more the connections decrease and the easier it is to produce a Drone.  


Even worse than this is saltation.   Biologists, excommunicated from the mainstream, found that there is a morphogenic field that causes the body to change, even though there is enough DNA, it hasn’t enough to produce a body.    The DNA is actually given the extra information by the morphogenic field, which these Oxford biologists discovered and wrote books on before they were excommunicated.       Scientists aren’t allowed to do any research which is of any value because the public aren’t allowed to know it.    Luckily, they published it.   


There can also be reverse saltation so, in evolution, when an organism evolves, it doesn’t just develop wings, it develops wings and feathers and flight muscles so it can fly all at the same time – this is called saltation.      When we recall the 100th idiot effect, you can actually get reverse saltation, damage the morphogenic field in such a way that the population produces more and more Drones.     As there are ways of damaging or modifying the morphogenic field, for example, the Pharaohs built pyramids which were designed to do this; and if pyramid structures are built-in to buildings and those buildings are fixated in the minds of humans such as in the case of 9/11, then you have a way of altering the morphogenic field.   This means that, even though you have the DNA of an Alpha or a Leader, the morphogenic field has been so stunted, that you don’t produce the Alpha or Leader.    So the genetic Alpha or Leader becomes a Drone instead in its gene expression because the morphogenic field, the energy field around people has been damaged.  


This is why there is so much microwave damage, ELF powers, HD television that I’ve discussed before, which is vital to the Rothschilds for this specific effect.     If you can produce reverse saltation, it then becomes an evolutionary factor and you can evolve humans from being a race of being 85% Drones and 15% non-Drones, to a race of 100% Drones using this technology.


HD television fits into the Obama case.    He is the missing link between the Pharaonic technology and the neo-Stalinist technology, where the Rothschilds, the Ashkenazi, rule as a central committee of Pharaohs and, anyone who in any shape, form or function is not a Drone, is taken away.    Anyone who doesn’t display Drone-like behaviour is picked upon by the pack and is subjected to peer pressure.  


I’m just giving here a glimpse of the technology which the New World Order is applying to the Westerners in order to produce this homogeneous race of Drones.   By mixing the black, white and Arab races together, you produce a triangle of art and trade them off.     You can cancel out the good points in the black race, the good points in the white and Arab races to accelerate the process.   So, Obama, who is worshipped as the divine god of the West, the Pharaoh of the West, can be seen to be acting not only on the biological level, but on the morphogenic level which, of course, the Pentagon has been interested in remote viewing, remote influencing, remote killing.     These are just a few of the things that some of the people in MI6 occult branch know as just standard training.      Of course, the Rothschilds, I’m sure, would like the masses and Drones to know these inner secrets!


The strange things that happen in the West are not so strange, they are part of a plan which is going ahead and Obama is vital to bringing the West into this neo-Stalinist, Pharaonic state, which Stalin had absolute power for the Ashkenazi.



Jeff Rense:      What you see going on all around you is precisely mirrored in Tim Rifat’s words and analysis.    Just look at some of the pictures of the Pharaohs.  If you look at Obama’s face, and look at many of the ancient carvings and sculptures of ancient Pharaohs, you can easily see his face there in Pharaoh’s garb, in Pharaoh’s surroundings.   His African heritage obviously has Arabic blood not strictly sub-Saharan Negroid blood.   There’s a lot going on here, nothing by chance, nothing by accident, extremely well contrived.   It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this whole thing began even before he was born.








The First Time I
Heard Of Barack
By Tom Fife


During the period of roughly February 1992 to mid 1994, I was making frequent trips to Moscow, Russia, in the process of starting a software development joint-venture company with some people from the Russian scientific community. One of the men in charge on the Russian side was named V. M.; he had a wife named T.M.


V. was a level-headed scientist while his wife was rather deeply committed to the losing Communist cause - a cause she obviously was not abandoning.


One evening, during a trip early in 1992, the American half of our venture were invited to V. & T.'s Moscow flat as we were about to return to the States. The party went well and we had the normal dinner discussions.


As the evening wore on, T. developed a decidedly rough anti-American edge - one her husband tried to quietly rein in.


The bottom line of the tirade she started against the United States went something like this:


"You Americans always like to think that you have the perfect government and your people are always so perfect. Well then, why haven't you had a woman president by now? You had a chance to vote for a woman vice-president and you didn't do it."


The general response went something along the lines that you don't vote for someone just because of their sex. Besides, you don't vote for vice-president, but the president and vice-president as a ticket.


"Well, I think you are going to be surprised when you get a black president very soon."


The consensus we expressed was that we didn't think there was anything innately barring that. The right person at the right time and sure, America would try to vote for the right person, be he or she black or not.


"What if I told you that you will have a black president very soon and he will be a Communist?"


The out-of-the-blue remark was met by our stares. She continued, "Well, you will; and he will be a Communist."


It was then that the husband unsuccessfully tried to change the subject; but she was on a roll and would have nothing of it. One of us asked, "It sounds like you know something we don't know."


"Yes, it is true. This is not some idle talk. He is already born and he is educated and being groomed to be president right now. You will be impressed to know that he has gone to the best schools of Presidents. He is what you call "Ivy League". You don't believe me, but he is real and I even know his name. His name is Barack. His mother is white and American and his father is black from Africa. That's right, a chocolate baby! And he's going to be your President."


She became more and more smug as she presented her stream of detailed knowledge and predictions so matter-of-factly - as though all were foregone conclusions. "It's all been thought out. His father is not an American black so he won't have that social slave stigma. He is intelligent and he is half white and has been raised from the cradle to be an atheist and a Communist. He's gone to the finest schools. He is being guided every step of the way and he will be irresistible to America."


We sat there not knowing what to say. She was obviously very happy that the Communists were doing this and that it would somehow be a thumbing of their collective noses at America: they would give us a black president and he'd be a Communist to boot. She made it quite obvious that she thought that this was going to breathe new life into world Communism. From this and other conversations with her, she always asserted that Communism was far from dead.


She was full of little details about him that she was eager to relate. I thought that maybe she was trying to show off that this truly was a real person and not just hot air.


She rattled off a complete litany. He was from Hawaii. He went to school in California. He lived in Chicago. He was soon to be elected to the legislature. "Have no doubt: he is one of us, a Soviet."


At one point, she related some sort of San Francisco connection, but I didn't understand what the point was and don't recall much about that. I was just left with the notion that she considered the city to be some sort of a center for their activity here.


Since I had dabbled in languages, I knew a smattering of Arabic. I made a comment: "If I remember correctly, 'Barack' comes from the Arabic word for 'Blessing.' That seems to be an odd name for an American." She replied quickly, "Yes. It is 'African'", she insisted, "and he will be a blessing for world Communism. We will regain our strength and become the number one power in the world."


She continued with something to the effect that America was at the same time the great hope and the great obstacle for Communism. America would have to be converted to Communism and Barack was going to pave the way.


So, what does this conversation from 1992 prove?


Well, it's definitely anecdotal. It doesn't prove that Obama has had Soviet Communist training nor that he was groomed to be the first black American president, but it does show one thing that I think is very important. It shows that Soviet Russian Communists knew of Barack from a very early date. It also shows that they truly believed among themselves that he was raised and groomed Communist to pave the way for their future. This report on Barack came personally to me from one of them long before America knew he existed.


Although I had never before heard of him, at the time of this conversation Obama was 30+ years old and was obviously tested enough that he was their anticipated rising star.




Tom Fife




TR appearing on Jeff Rense Radio 28 April 2009






Jeff Rense:           Welcome back to Tim Rifat, the world’s unique, most outspoken and most accurate geopolitical, military, financial analyst.   


Tim Rifat:            Good morning, as I’ve been exposing things on the radio shows, the British (government) have been getting more and more nasty with a directed energy weapon to my leg which swelled up like a balloon, so I’ve finally decided that being a journalist in this country is impossible.   So, as I mentioned to you at the beginning of the year, in June I am applying for political asylum to the Russian Embassy in London.     As the first British person to do so, it should castigate the British government and we’ll have the first British Solzhenitsyn as I’m a writer and author, and Sakharov because I’m a scientist.   So it should cause real alarm and despondency among my British chummies and I hope they’ll D-notice it so I can give you the inside view on how the British government tries desperately to keep me in the country, even thought the police say I’m a nutcase and, as a Walter Mitty character – why are they bothering to keep me in the country?    It should be fun!  


Being a journalist and avoiding state mandated truth which, unfortunately, in this country carries the death penalty.      The European Union is trying to pass laws to censor the entire internet in Europe.   If you have your website with a European service provider and the European Union has you on their list then your site will be shut down.    They can’t censor the open internet because it’s not designed that way but they can go along to all the service providers, the European Directorate and shut you down because it doesn’t comply with the European Union guidelines for websites.   This means that you must have state mandated truth on your website or sell entertainment, pornography or be going along in some way with the plan to put fear in the Drones as we talked about in the last programme. 


They are really pushing this move because of the heinous criminals in Sweden on Pirate Bay who have been giving out free Rothschilds multi media, music, games, and film information which allows people to upload for free.    The European Union has to have total censorship in Europe because of that.


They’ve been sentenced to at least a year in prison and about a million pounds fine for each of them.   This is an example of the European Union clamping down on these pirates so the whole of the EU infrastructure in terms of the internet will have to be totally censored.  


It does seem that the whole of the information coming out of the internet which, of course, is non-state mandated truth, is shaking the pillars of the Rothschilds imperium.   David Duke, whom many people may find a controversial figure, who was arrested in Czechoslovakia when he had been invited to speak at their oldest university and was held in jail for about 40 hours, shows that even the most extreme end of the spectrum of people who are against the Rothschilds, are not to be ingnored but are in danger of being imprisoned in Zűndel-like lengths of time in this EU fascist state – which the Rothschilds wish to export to the US.   I’m going to be talking about how the Pharaoh Obama has been put their by the Rothschilds precisely to that end.


Fear drives the population into the mob minded Drone state where they actually beg to be told what to do and they lose all higher mental functioning.   Obama has been placed into the archetypal template which fits into the nemetic group mind and he is being used as the ultimate thought weapon to drive the entire Western group mind into a mob consciousness prior to the Ashkenazy neo-Stalinist takeover.     Obama fits perfectly into that mythological archetype of the Pharaoh, who had plagues which were given unto him by Moses. 


We are currently experiencing the game plan of plagues with the “Mexican swine flu”, or “Rothschilds flu” as I call it.       We know that the Rothschilds had a group of microbiologists who were to design a series of chimera viruses.    A chimera is where you take a little of one virus e.g. the Central American pig flu, another from the European swine flu, a bit of bird flu, extracts of human flu strains from Central America, Southern America and Mongoloids, then it is much more deadly to Mongoloids – being the race that come from Siberia, China, Japan and Korea -      just as the Native Americans were deliberately slaughtered and the Incas and Aztecs.   This is a general purpose chimera virus which has seven components because there are seven plagues of the Pharaoh and, of course, seven components because of the Abraham Ritual which the Rothschilds have used to dominate the group mind and turn the human into the Goyim state.     The Goyim being the swine, the Drone who is a mob-minded Obot who can be controlled which has been carefully arranged.   These microbiologists who designed the chimera virus were then killed which allows them to upgrade the chimera virus to a lethal form which can then be used against the leading competitor to the Rothschilds Ashkenazy, neo-Stalinist New World Order who are primarily the Chinese.


So, if British Airways planes, which I’ve already discussed, have these secret tanks for spraying viruses over China, unleash a lethal form of it, say in the Summer – or, more probably about the date of 9.9.9 - which is the vital date for the Rothschild, Ashkenazy, Talmudic, Satanist New World Order  - they can then say this general purpose chimera Rothschild virus that was in Mexico, has now unfortunately mutated to the Mongoloid race because it started in Mexico and the majority of Central and South Americans are Mongoloid by genetic make-up and they can say, now unfortunately we have 500 million Chinese dead from this virus; which just causes a few sniffles in the Caucasoids.        This Armageddon, this plague is linked into the Pharaoh Rothschilds/Osama, sorry, Obama, who is the vital thought weapon to bring in the New World Order.


On the subject of race-specific weapons, one can see how the Rothschilds weapon in Mexico has the potential to be upgraded deniably into a China killer because, with the collapse of the Zionist empire which is the US, NATO, Australia, New Zealand and New Mexico, have the loss of Rothschilds power i.e. the loss of world hegemony and the release of just one Amalek weapon (Cobalt 60 in the form of powder) will cause the collapse of the Rothschilds financial system overnight.    They had a special emergency meeting at Fort Meade, immediately after my programme about Amalek, talking about the consequences to the Rothschilds financial system of the release of one of these Cobalt 60 nanoparticulate weapons.    If it’s released in London, there’ll be about 25 million people rushing into the countryside en masse.     The same would happen in New York and then no-one would be working in the cities.     From one point of view, having a non-stop flu problem would hide the release of Amalek and give the Rothschilds time to stop the explosive decompression of their financial system, which would happen if these stupid Drones, bleeding from every orifice or getting flu-like symptoms if they only got a small dose of it, didn’t realise why they are getting ill.   They would be told they they have a form of flu, rather than Amalek has been released.    So having these strange, chimera pandemic flu viruses around, in one way can be seen as a protective measure to allow the slow release of information about an Amalek release e.g. in London or New York.     If there wasn’t a pressure cooker blow off valve of a flu with which to disguise it, would implode the system overnight and the Rothschilds would find the entire stocks and shares would collapse, currency would collapse, banks would close because there would be a run on them, price of gold would go through the ceiling – which the Rothschilds don’t want because gold has real value but they want to keep everyone using the Rothschilds toilet paper money.         So, this flu can be seen as a protective measure, an idea developed during this Fort Meade conference which they held soon after my last Amalek information programme.


From another point of view, the horrific attack on China using HAARP type Tesla weapons, which devastated an entire region of China and blew up one of their top secret underground bases  -  probably an arsenal of most of their nuclear weapons.


Jeff Rense:  That was a bizarre story in China with reports coming out of the earthquake area of the local residents seeing what they described as a small mountain, all of a sudden, break open at the top and begin belching out enormous pieces of structured concrete from inside.   Whatever this earthquake was, apparently triggered a massive explosion inside this underground weapons and munitions depot to the extent that it blew the top of the mountain disgorging all kinds of concrete structures from within.


Tim Rifat:   The Chinese didn’t reply to this massive attack in the same way that the Russians did on date of the 8.8.8 attack on Russia which came via President Saskavilli, the Rothschild puppet in Georgia.   If the Russians are attacked, they reciprocate with lethal force, but the Chinese just take it.    As we know from the prison yard, if there is an attempt to bugger a prisoner – and they tried to bugger the Russians – they got the living beJesus beaten out of them and now they’re whining and having to send an invasion force to a non NATO country, Georgia, which has never been done before; and in the Chinese just took it because they take the long-term view.    But, from the Rothschilds perspective, the aggressor as Satanists, this is exactly what not to do because it’s like giving your throat to a rabid pit bull, which is what a Talmudic Satanist is.


So, unless the Chinese warn the Rothschilds that they will reply with lethal force if this chimera virus is upgraded and released over China via the British Airways aircraft (which we talked about some time ago and the story was originally on Henry Makow’s site www.savethemales.ca ) the Chinese will have to tell the Rothschilds that any release of the chimera virus over China will cause the Chinese to release Amalek all across the West and blame it on the Moslems and have some Osama character on the internet and claim he did it, so it allows the Chinese to have a MAD with mutually ensured destruction with the Rothschilds who, I’m sure, will release a fatal form of this gene specific, race specific weapon over China, unless they are told to do that would mean anihilation because Talmudic Satanists don’t listen to anything but brutal force. 


Until I came up with the news to the so-called experts in America, they hadn’t told the congressmen and senators about the ease of release of Amalek – they didn’t even know what Amalek was even though any physicist worth their salt would have found it facile.   No-one has ever told these idiots that this threat is so easy and that the Somalis or Pakistanis could release Amalek in any US city.       Then we see the knee-jerk reaction of the Rothschilds to release the Rothschilds virus which allows them to cover up an Amalek attack in order to stop their house of cards, their financial system collapsing overnight.     Because, without it, if Amalek is released in London or New York or I think it’s Frankfurt, then we get the collapse of the Rothschilds financial system overnight.    But this way, they can lock people up in their homes, shoot them dead if they try to get out or let them die from Amalek and afterwards say it was just a virus.    


Are you beginning to see why this virus suddenly appeared after the Amalek programme?


Jeff Rense:           And thousands of people have died of regular flu already this year in the US but nobody pays any attention to them.     It’s very interesting how a swine flu virus which has killed no-one in the United States at all, sickened 61 of them, non of them hospitalised, has swept away from the controlled Zionist press all mention practically of the greatest theft in human history, the engineered financial collapse of our economy, people like Bernard Madoff and his scam, Obama’s failure to follow through on his outrageous string of lies to his supporters who allegedly elected him, the slaughter in Afghanistan etc.    All these matters are now swept off the pages.


Tim Rifat:            The complete defeat of NATO in Pakistan and Afghanistan.   Going back to the Pharaoh Obama and the plagues are to be released, if we’re following the gameplan, we know that Obama has been set up as the ultimate thought weapon, and that thought weapons are the raison d’être of the Rothschilds who use the weapons as power to create events such as the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, World War I, World War II, the UN.    They have the ability to turn humans into Drones by getting them into the mob mentality and this has been further refined from Aleister Crowley’s work to the Tavistock Institute.     We know that Obama is being set up as the ultimate thought weapon to drive the entire Western world into a Drone state so it can then be taken over as an Ashkenazy, neo-Stalinist state, and any attempted assassination on the Pharaoh – and he is the Messiah so no-one should touch his lovely locks – would be executed by the Rothschilds.     


What would happen then would be the most gigantic mob consciousness to erupt within the Western world.   Would it be directed at the Arabs?    The handkerchief-wearing people who are villified by the entire right wing press and websites – which will be illegal if they pass the hate laws – so all the right wing people will be going to court and probably prison, but let Ted Pikes talk about that.   


But let’s say Obama was assassinated.   It isn’t directed at the Arabs because if you want to detinate the thought weapon and direct it at the Arabs, you get a Jewish president, you don’t get a Mulatto president.     A Mulatto president for the clan is the worst thing possible: a white woman who has had a child with a black man, this is an obsenity to the clan.   A Mulatto thought weapon is not directed at the Moslems who the Americans would think it is.    No, it is directed at white people.   The white people will be the ones afflicted and will get the weapons directed at them if the Pharaoh is assassinated by the Rothschilds.    It’s the elephant in the middle of the room.


Jeff Rense:           Let me remind all Americans that the Federal Government has an executive order which can result in your quarantine, your apprehension, your detention or confiscation of anything they deem worthy beside your physical being, in the event of your exposure to any influenza caused by a “novel or re-emergent influenza virus of 1918 that are causing or have the potential to cause a pandemic.”   So they’re not going to put you in a camp, they’ll confine you to your homes and if you emerge, they’ll shoot you dead.    Americans are already in a camp, they’re tied to homes they can’t pay off, they’ve got credit card debts, 25 million have no jobs, how much more of a camp can there be?    There may be a few camps for a few dissidents if they were to be arrested.   The Amercian public is already in a huge concentration camp. 


Tim Rifat:            Let’s explore the Rothschild thought weapon which Obama is, this Pharaoh.   First of all, linking energetically, the Rothschilds are occultists and everything they do is to influence the Drones and to produce Drone behaviour in the Leaders and Alphas so they can control them.    We had  9/11 and Osama linked with Obama by flying an Airforce One over New York and causing a panic this week and then directing it at the Statue of Liberty which is going to be destroyed by Obama.   This is all nemetic which is the bread and butter of the occult branch.    Secondly, if they want to control the West as a total neo-Stalinist state and we know that most of the Leaders and Alphas are white people.   I apologise to Hispanics and black people but the honest truth is, most of the Leaders are white.   There will be a lot of them who think they’re on board but who will not be able to carry forth the orders of a Rothschilds neo-Stalinist state.   Russia, which is the only Caucasian country outside the Satanist Talmudic agenda, has been ear marked for a surprise attack with the stealth cruise missiles and various other means which I’ve already talked about at length, so putting a huge NATO force in Georgia which is non NATO to ramp up tension with the Russians, so the Russians become bellicose, and by putting nuclear bunker-busters in Poland to blow up their underground Ural cities they’ve built to withstand a surprise attack, will unleash fury among the Russians.   We also know that if Obama is assassinated by the Rothschilds, as Kennedy was assassinated by the Rothschilds elite, and the assassin’s gun is in the hand - not of an Arab Palestinian, but a white boy of Russian origin - then they can tell the public why there was a first strike on Russia with stealth cruise missiles, 30 seconds after the death of Obama.    So they can attack Russia, a first strike with massive nuclear weapons, blow up the Urals, stealth cruise missiles exploding simultaneously all across Russia, wiping out all their nuclear weapons in one grand strike – this going to the extreme end of the spectrum - and they can then use Obama and everyone in the West will be cheering them because the nasty white people were the ones who shot the beloved Pharaoh.


Looking at it another way, if a normal white American boy shoots Obama, allegedly, after the Rothschilds assassination, then there is the excuse for the Hispanics and Blacks to go absolutely apeshit and every inner city will have the total breakdown of civil law and order overnight; and the excuse is there to impose martial law.    With the sale of all those semi automatic weapons and mountains of ammunition, that Blackwater and Halliburton will get wiped out almost in the first confrontation with, say, the Michigan Militia or the Montana Militia.    The white boys in the inner cities will find suddently black and hispanic gangs in New York or LA coming into their suburbs and raping and killing them.   It’s going to happen if Obama is killed and they finger a white boy.


So it’s clear to see that the agenda for bringing in an Ashkenazy neo-Stalinist state in America can be brought in overnight with the death of Obama.   Similarly in Europe, all the people like myself who talk against the Rothschilds will be put under the banner of these white extremists who will be put into camps.    This explains why the EU is shipping over 50 million blacks from Africa and paying for it, so these blacks can be the enforcers in the EU of the extreme neo-fascist Rothschild state in Europe and to use these imported blacks to actually implement it.   


The Rothschilds have to get rid of the Alphas and the Leaders and most of them are white because the most educated people are the whites, unfortunately, because the blacks and Hispanics have had a bad time, but that is fact.     So if you want to bring in a neo-Stalinist state as Josef Stalin brought in, you have to kill off the elite and you need lots of people to kill them or guard them.   That’s why the EU is bringing in 50 million blacks into Europe because, allegedly, the EU is saying we have a shortage of labour, yet we have massive unemployment in Britain and the rest of Europe.      These blacks will be used to enforce the neo-Stalinist Rothschild rule and this Mulatto Pharaoh who gets assassinated, will mean that the blacks will use the most obsene violence and nastiness against the whites who killed their beloved Pharaoh.     The most dangerous man in the world for the white race, especially for America and Europe, is Obama because, if he is killed and the Rothschilds direct it in the way I’m describing and the hammer will come down not only on the people like myself who talk against the Rothschilds and say that Zionists are not Zionists but Satanists, and if you read The Abraham Ritual on my  www.supernaturalspirit.com/Abraham/index.html    site, you can see the fact that Isaac del Loria, the founder of Zionism, actually followed Satanism and Zionism is Satanism and nothing else.    That’s why the Israelis torture-murder the Gazans.   They behave like Satanists, they do not behave like normal people.    The Israelis run all the torture camps in Central and South America and they train all the torturers.     Why?   Because you don’t train up torture people with top secret interrogation information if you’re an intelligence agency because it’s top secret and it’s valuable.   If you’re a Satanist, you export it, because torture-murder of people is your raison d’être.    So the bottom line is: Zionists are Satanists.   Nothing else.


Isaac del Loria, if you look on my website, the Rothschilds are nothing else but the Jewish arm of the Knights Templar, they are nothing other than Satanists.    Obama is following a Satanist agenda and he is actually directing the Zionist world, which is the Satanist world: the West, into a situation where they can impose a Stalinist –like regime.     If that is the case, the same scenario would occur as in the USSR or in Cambodia or in the cultural revolution in China where the intellectuals and the elite are put into camps for re-education which would be far from a unpleasant experience, and the white boys in the CIA, the NSA, the Office of Naval Intelligence, the DIA, all the white boys in the upper echelons of the military, if we follow the USSR model, will be put into camps because they have to be eliminated for an Ashkenazy Stalinist type regime.     So, all the white boys who have been torturing the Arabs in these secret torture camps will themselves at some time in the process taken away, if we follow the plan which the Rothschilds used in the former Soviet Union under Lenin where the NPKD, who were Talmudic Satanists, performed a complete and utter destruction of the intellectual elite and of the officer classes of the entire former imperial Czarist Russia.     So we know that the military -  if Obama is topped by the Rothschilds and it points to a white boy – are the ones going into the camp.  


With Antichrist, the ultimate weapon of NATO, Penatagon, Military war machine, which is not nuclear weapons but thought weapons, because they use the inner secret of the arsenal on the USSR and they turned the USSR into Drones and then the Drones then demanded that the Western dream state of huge mansions, Dallas type lifestyle should be theirs and we saw the USSR collapse from the decimation of the thought weapon which caused the whole of the USSR to give up, fracture and allowed the Rothschilds to conquer the whole of the USSR.      This is something that the general public doesn’t know about but the inner secret of NATO and the Pentagon, and I’d now like to describe it in the context of the Pharaoh Obama, and how he is a thought weapon of gigantic scale, who could be described as the Antichrist.    We know that the death of Christ caused a Drone effect among the population so that they would willingly give up their higher consciousness and do what they were told by the church.    If Obama can be crucified in the same way, we can get the same effect and rise him up to a Christ-like figure and that causes all the higher functions of the Westerners to be erased and this mob consciousness can be directed by the Rothschilds into the New World Order.  


Jeff Rense:           By the way, on my website, on Eye on Obama, there’s a massive canvas in New Yorks Union Square, where an artist has depicted Obama with his arms outstretched with a crown of thorns upon his head in crucifixion mode.


Tim Rifat:            Exactly.   Now, Obama as the Antichrist who is going to bring in the Ashkenazy, Rothschilds, Stalinist state, and if it’s going to be done, because we’re just journalists talking about what is being planned and might or might not happen, but if it is, then the perfect day for it is the 9th of the 9th of the 9th.    This is because the Rothschilds are Kabbalists and, in the Kabbala 9 is chokma the sephiroth from which all of creation is derived, also there is the Shatelia stone, the stone that Jacob put his head upon, and in all the Zohar Kabbalistic teachings we know that the Messiah Jacob was assassinated so that the Messiah David could bring in the One World Government.     So if he is the Antichrist, the Messiah Jacob who could get killed then he would have to be killed on the first stone day which is the 9.9.09 and his blood would actually be the Jacob stone and therefore we link in with the stone and 9/11 via Airforce One.     We can see that they are linking him into the grid.    The whole of the Rothschilds thought weapons are run from this grid which is a strategic expansion of Enochian magic where there is a chequer board which uses the earth’s geo-energies which influence the minds of humans, especially the reptilian part of the brain, and the Rothschilds, NATO, Pentagon, elite have found that manipulation of these energy geo lines of the planet when put into a grid formation when building all cities e.g. Washington and all the other Rothschilds illuminati freemasonic cities are in a grid formation; and then power them with human energy – just as the New Age energy was used and pumped into the grid to turn the USSR into a Drone state so it would do what the Rothschilds wanted and give the whole of the USSR to the Rothschilds, and if all the energy of Westerners can be redirected who are crying because the Messiah Pharaoh Obama was crucified, if you know how to pump all that emotional energy into the grid, you can then direct that energy if you know how, and change the reptilian brain  normally in tune with earth energies into a Drone type state instead.   There have been simple experiments where a random counter goes off random when there’s a world event e.g. 9/11.      So one can see that extraordinary things happen when a massive number of people give off huge amountd of energy.      The New Age movement was used by the Rothschilds to destroy the USSR and we know that the death of Obama will be directed into the grid using this strategic Enochian magic.    I won’t go into the details because Enochian magic is very complex and only known to high level people like myself.     If you can direct the energy into the grid structure where freemasons have built all Western cities in this form, you can drive human consciousness into the Drone mob state and, once there, what the New World Order will do is keep it in that state.       So, for a New World Order to be achieved, you need the population to be driven into a Drone state and the few that can’t be driven into it, can be taken away to be put in gulag holiday camps where they can be dealt with.     Some of the white boys in the industrial military complex of the West who don’t like the direction in which we’re going to a total neo-Stalinist Rothschild state and, of course, they will have to be purged.  


If we go along this path, which is what the Rothschilds are planning with the New World Order, we’ll find a lot of the so-called people who think they have a free pass, finding themselves in the gulags.    For example, CIA operatives and their families, NSA, top military officers -  not the generals because they are in the Rothschilds bloodline - but the colonels and majors if they are white, will all have to be purged, which happened in the USSR.


Firstly, after Obama is assassinated by the Rothschilds, there would be many more outbreaks of mob mentality to keep the population in its Drone state.   The work of the neuro scientist, Gerald  Edelman finds that the neural network is constantly evolving and building, so if the Western world can be kept in a Drone state for long enough for six or even twelve months, then their brains will be permanently rewired.    The Western education system for the young Western slaves is predicated to producing Drone mentality, so we can easily slip from the Western democracy into the neo-Stalinist Rothschild state but we need a huge thought weapon to be detonated, and Obama has the potential to be used to produce this New World Order State.  


Secondly, the Russians are upsetting the apple cart because they don’t obey the Talmudic Satanists and Kornikovsky, the lieutenant of the Rothschilds, is in some Siberian jail, so Russia has to be attacked with a nuclear first strike and have Obama dead at the hands of a white boy, it allows them to take a first strike on Russia.


Thirdly, we also need a gene specific weapon system to destroy the Chinese because MI6 occult branch found that this grid system could not be imposed on China.    China will not go into the Drone state when Obama is assassinated so China has to be dealt with using a ethno specific virus instead to decimate China because China will not be included in this Rothschild thought weapon and therefore China is a deadly danger to the New World Order.


Once the population is in the Drone state, they need to be kept that way with bouts of terror as in the Stalinist state where everyone was terrorised all the time to keep them in the Drone state.   If the Mulatto Pharaoh Obama is shot dead, there will be a lot of black people who have a chip on their shoulder against white people so it will be easy for the Rothschilds to direct a lot of aggression against white people if it’s state mandated by the neo-Stalinist state.    Luckily, America has a large Hispanic and black population which can be used to keep the white population in a state of terror which basically eliminates the Alphas and the Leaders by gulag violence.    The European Union doesn’t have enough black people so they will import these 50 million blacks who will be used as the shock troops in the neo-Stalinist state in order to terrorise the 450 million whites in the EU.    They’ll probably have to import 50 million more blacks on top, it doesn’t seem enough, in order to keep the white population in the Drone state.     The NKPD was basically Jewish as there is a large Jewish population in Russia used to do all the torture and murder and keep the Drones in a state of terror which also stops Alpha and Leader promulgation, and will use the blacks in the EU and in America to take the place of the Jews, as the state security service in order to keep the Rothschild One World Government system going.


The problem with Russia is they haven’t been homogenised.    They are not a multi cultural society and are basically white people.    We know that the Rothschilds don’t like white people living together as white people, and homogenising is not socially acceptable in Russian culture.  So the Russians have to go and have to be attacked because if there is to be a neo-Stalinist state with all the websites across America and Europe being shut down, we can’t keep Russia as it is because there would be have a lot of patriots putting up their websites in Russia and a lot of white people also moving to Russia.    This rather defeats the object because, if there are a white people as a super power living in first world luxury in Russia, it causes alarm, despondency and dissent among the white slave Drones living in their mud shacks while the Rothschild elite live like lords.    We’ve seen it already where the Rothschild elite have trillions of dollars of your money so they can live like lords and you’re losing money and having to pay for it all your lifetimes, all your childrens’ lifetimes etc.  


You can see that Russia must be destroyed if they are going to bring in the NKPD, the Rothschild neo-Stalinist state because you simply can’t have one sixth of the world’s land suface with happy white people not under the thumb of the Talmudic Satanists, so one sees that the massive incursion of NATO into a non-NATO country, Georgia, and the use of massive bunker- busters under the alleged pathetic excuse of being satellite interceptors which are in the wrong place to intercept Iran and North Korea.   Russia will have to be attacked which will be World War III, Armaggedon.      The Chinese, because there are too many of them, will have to be wiped out by gene specific viruses which can be blamed on mutation of the Rothschild virus which developed in Mexico and was a Mongoloid gene related toxicity that kills the Mexicans but the Westerners just get the sniffles.     When the China killer virus spreads in waves across the Rothschilds can say it wasn’t us, it was just a bit of bad luck.


One problem for the Rothschilds, because I’ve laid out their plans, think of it as the boil on the Rothschilds which has gone septic with flesh eating microbes eating the flesh of their buttocks away -  and that is Pakistan.    The problem for them with Pakistan is that the plan was initially Balkanise Pakistan.    The Rothschilds are already in Afghanistan because when the attack on Russia comes, and no-one yet knows about the secret attack on Russia, they were going to attack via Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, marine landings in Vladivostok area followed by the lethal division of Russia, cut up into two from Afghanistan.    This is why there is a huge NATO force there because that’s always been the war plan to divide Russia in two and get the Russians fighting, not on two fronts but on four fronts with NATO in the middle of the country.


In Pakistan, the ISI (military intelligence agency), has been run by the Americans on the understanding that they get loads of money and that they keep the Moslems in line.     The understanding was not that Pakistan would not be chopped up into a Balkanised set of states.   The Rothschilds want all the nuclear weapons removed from Pakistan and Pakistan chopped up into tiny little states, each of which has their own warlord, all of which are fighting each other and keep the Moslems in a perpetual mode of easy conquest – divide and conquer.


The difficulty is the Pakistanis made a deal with the Chinese to give port facilities and a pipeline to the coast which, of course, the Rothschilds don’t want, so they will have to stop it.     The ISI will be replaced by Rothschilds puppets, non-Pakistanis, probably Israeli citizens in order to run the military, who will be the force to keep these Moslem Balkans in check, like NATO enforces order in the former Yugoslavia which is now Balkanised.


The ISI, until now, have been under the hammer of nuclear weapons, so they either do as their told or America will be unleashed upon them and they will be nuked.     However, the ISI can now say, we’re going to produce a ton of Amalek and give it to the Pashtan madmen, allegedly, and we have our own professional agency and we will unleash across the West.    Two hundred and fifty people carrying Amalek can kill off America, a dozen people to kill off Britain – actually that would anihilate Britain, it would only take six people to kill it – another two hundred and fifty people to kill off NATO in Europe.    So now the ISI have MAD – Mutually Assured Desctruction – that’s why the Satanist, Hilary Clinton, was talking about mortal threat from Pakistan suddenly after my Amalek shows.   Someone must have sent her a cassette of the show.     The ISI do not want the Balkanisation of Pakistan and they have the ability to cause harm to America to tell them to back off and the release of Amalek from the ISI into New York would have collapsed the Rothschilds financial system and made the Americans back off overnight.     However, with the Rothschilds virus, they have a way of keeping everyone in New York until they die and say it wasn’t Amalek, it was just a deadly virus.


So we are now in the post Amalek world where the Rothschilds know that Amalek WILL be released but are trying to contain the population in one city so they can die out and blame it on a virus.      If people knew it was Amalek, there would be mass panic and that would collapse the Rothschilds empire overnight.     The ISI are now in the invidious situation of doing nothing, allowing the Rothschilds to funnel arms and money into these Pashtan madmen in order to Balkanise Pakistan, or else they can unleash Amalek in America and Britain causing NATO in America that they have to leave Pakistan alone.    They would have to leave Afghanistan and then the Pakistanis can do the sensible thing which is make a deal with the Pashtans, give them their tribal homeland, stop the mass bombings Afghanistan by the Drone US Military, get the Afghan Pashtans back into a docile state because these Zionist Satanist crusaders from America and NATO have gone and we can get back on to an equable and positive basis.


The situation is similar with India.     If we get into a situation where the ISI has its back to the wall and they know the country is going to be Balkanised, the ISI is going to be kicked out of a job and the Rothschilds apparatchiks will be installed, who run the NATO forces that control Pakistan, they may be forced to release Amalek as a last ditch effort to stop it, which wouldn’t just be one or two weapons going off to cause a financial collapse, but enough to cause mayhem.


India has 150 million Moslems, so a release of Amalek in India would turn the super power into a basket case.     India is a dead country if Amalek is released and is very vulnerable to Amalek, as is the West, NATO and America.    China is not vulnerable to Amalek because they can send all the Moslems back to Hsin Chang and they follow every Westerner around the country with at least two dozen secret police.     In Russia, they have lots of white boys who can send the Moslems back to the North Caucasus, the Putinised region where they’ll have autonomy and loads of money from Moscow and keep them out of non-Moslem states because of the Amalek threat.   If they do have a release of Amalek, they have one sixth of the world’s territory and can leave their major cities and can camp out in the countryide because there’s so much land.     These people know how to live off the countryside.


So Russia and China can survive Amalek but India, NATO and America are dead meat.   This Amalek is a real problem for the Rothschilds and the New World Order so Pakistan must be Balkanised quickly and the ISI terminated because, if it’s not, the dream of a New World Order and the Rothschilds neo-Stalinist state cannot come to fruition.       Unfortunately for them, the Moslems might upset the agenda for the New World Order.




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