Dawn Adrienne Taylor BA (Hons); DHyp; DNN; RM is the only
Psi Lord Ltd Empowered Certified UK Healer



West Kensington, London

tel:    020 7460 1600

email: girasoledawn@hotmail.com


Member UK Reiki Network www.reiki-network.net

Member UK Reiki Network www.reiki-network.net

Member Federation of Nutritional Practitioners www.fntp.org.uk

Member Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, Inc

Reiki  Treatments and Tuition

Natural Nutrition (including Raw Food Advice)


REIKI TREATMENTS    £60 per hour      £75 1½ hours   

Stress relief at causal level, deeply relaxing and has a calming, restorative, balancing effect.       


REIKI LEVEL 1 TRAINING    £150 two day course  (UKRN price increase from August)

The workshop includes practical treatments and receiving four essential Attunements. You will be attuned to Reiki energy for life and can treat yourself and others permanently.  


REIKI LEVEL 2 TRAINING   £250 two day course   (UKRN price increase from August)

A powerful energy deepening where students learn absentee sending across time and distance and how to draw and activate symbols.   Self-practice for 3-6 months and an assimilation and understanding of Reiki energy integrated into your daily life is vital prior to this level.           Courses are UK Reiki Network (UKRN) certificated.



Natural Nutrition Consultations


CONSULTATION IN PERSON  1½ hours in person  £95




When our immune system remains strong, viruses and bacteria cannot thrive in our cells.   Symptoms are the result of individual dis-ease from genetic predisposition and subsequent lifestyle.  Vibrant health and well-being is enhanced simply by UNIQUELY TAILORED dietary regime – no one diet suits everyone – specific supplements that work, and naturopathic techniques which are easy to do at home; as well as additional advice.      We treat the whole body, as each of our 50+ trillion cells communicate billions of messages a second to each other – we know everything is interdependent, nothing is separate.   It is well-established that our emotions govern our DNA activity, at the centre of which there is light.  As a result of enhancing health at biochemical level, a profound change takes place and we are able to radiate our individual light and creativity. 


V  75 Organic Plant Minerals

essential to every organ system and cell in the body

no other ingredients, bulkers or additives, just pure ancient plant minerals in "Powdered Minerals"


There is nothing added to these uniquely sourced highly absorbable minerals from plant vegetate from the Senonian Period circa 70 million years ago.   They are crucial to the cardiovascular, digestive, integumentary, reproductive, skeletal, endocrine systems etc     Email Dawn to read her article on 75 plant minerals published in “Healing Today” issue 106.  To purchase 75 organic plant minerals, go to www.usnaturals.net/taylord1854   click “Buy Products” and select “Powdered Minerals”.    This small pot lasts at least two months using two liberal sprinkles three times per day; and may be used orally and topically.    Deliverable almost anywhere in the world.       Cost:  64.88 US Dollars including postage and packing.   Free ebook “Root of All Disease” on homepage.


Every muscular contraction contains the history and meaning of its origin.

Wilhelm Reich













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